Thursday, March 26, 2009

Religions Are Dead

Arhata Osho
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Religions Are Dead

Man's bottle to suck on is an illusion that has been made to be real. There's a new attitude floating around that more and more are beginning to listen to and, it's 'life and love' without the crutches of male dominated control in the name of some religion which is filled with good and, useless dictums to entrap the minds of humanity through FEAR.

There is no God but love and life, free of all scriptures that human corpses so cling to on their way to the grave. Very few have the intelligence to see the truth free of all races, creeds and belief systems. So be it! Life and love are not the major concerns of those caught up in defending what others have devised long ago to sustain their lives of fear.

Religions are capsules for soldiers to fight other religions or, offshoots of the same religion. People who haven't figured things out in the harmony of life and love, unconsciously fill their life with the illusion of what's referred to as a religion or a follower of some 'manmade' messiah. These people are 'living corpses' alive and in fear and ignorance regardless of education.
The 'Battle of the Religions' will never end with anything but dead losers. In a miracle of life, mass waking up to consciousness is like a far off star that moves closer and closer into sight. The 'explosion of consciousness' is the real freedom and path of all aspects of authentic love.

Men with high intellects can out talk the masses with their 'do gooder' images of saving the planet with out connecting properly to the 'emotional selves'. The result is an endless stream over the ages of fearful, innocent people allowing an emotional attachment to nothing but illusions about illusions.

Good old fashioned harmony with love and life is always there waiting for the waking up of individuals....and, just maybe, the planet. Realization only takes a moment! There seems to be a very deep imprint in the masses of humanity to clamor to that which feels like the others are gathering around, even though it's just an illusion perpetrated by male intellectuals who seem to survive by convincing themselves that the 'holy books' are some God's version of salvation and eternal life somewhere up in the sky.

With the advent of the printed word, man started reproducing the holy books for mass distribution, incarcerating billions in ancient systems of thought which are bits and pieces of information by 100's of men to basically 'give them a job' rather than do old fashion work. All religious leaders with any brains know the game. Few reading this will get out of their programming to seek the harmony in life and love where all answer are hidden in plain sight. Religion is a peep hole into the wonders of a reality that awaits the seekers with their heads on straight. Life's waiting to begin!

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Port Townsend, Washington USA

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shep said...

Nice one, Rob! I (brought up in a fairly strong Roman Catholic environment!) have long held that religion is merely a socio-political control mechanism, used by those with a yen to control their fellow humans. Simply look at the historical development of religion: 1. Pantheism - early civilisations with little understanding of the facts behind their environment, so God in everything - rivers, lightning, trees, etc. 2. Polytheism - we begin to understand some things (e.g. rivers will flow downhill regardless, so they don't actually need a God assigned to them) but some Gods in things we haven't yet worked out. 3. Early monotheism, God with multiple personalities - the plebs might find just one God a little hard to take so suddenly, so let's assign (e.g.) a Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu (nice and human, but still maintaining a little bit of mysticism to give us, the controllers, the edge). 4. Monotheism - e.g Islam, Scientology, Monetarism - just give the people one solid thing to hang on to and "believe" in, and we'll manipulate that to achieve our control. 5. Er..... Well, mathematically, we've gone "everything", "some things", "one thing with a few variations", "one thing only", logically, the next step is "nothing"! Not nihilism, but a recognition that we no longer need "Gods" to give us a purpose in life, a meaning to our existence. The greater good and development of the humankind are sufficient. Trouble is, there are still those who seek to control us (Politicians / Governments?) and there will always be a need for structure and organisation in human affairs so, until enough of us are strong-minded enough to say "let's just get on with it" and kick religion into touch, we will be stuck with the bigots, the Jihadis, the bullies, etc. Sadly, I don't think I'll see the fruition of my utopian dream in my lifetime!