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Merlin & Aliens

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Merlin's prophecies reveal guidance from UFOs and aliens, state experts
Dave Masko

EUGENE, Ore. – The new book “Merlin: Knowledge and Power Through the Ages,” by British research professor Stephen Knight offers a new translation of “The Prophecies of Merlin” that, among other insights about pre-Medieval England, says the wizard used UFO sightings and Alien visits to sure-up the Arthurian legend.

The real “Merlin” is not fiction, and not just a clever name computer geeks use for tech-gadgets. He was a real man who served as King Arthur’s advisor at a dark period in the pre-Middle Ages when people need some “out of world” savior who were alien beings that helped Arthur, says one of England’s most distinguished professors in English Literature and lore of the Dark Ages.

Here in Eugene, the name “Merlin” conjures up all sorts of images for young people who still play the “Magic” card game at a popular teen “hang-out” near the University of Oregon. On the walls are images of dragons and demons, along with movie versions of “Merlin” the wizard.

“He’s one cool dude,” says one student, while also noting that Merlin is viewed more “as a game or a software program. He’s not real is he?” ask one student with a sly grin.

The “real” Merlin revealed

As Professor Stephen Knight sees it, Merlin embodies the “connection” with UFO sightings and alien influence of the time. Knight says the Wizard Merlin, first was revealed in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “Historia Regum Britanniae,” written about 1136 that places Merlin “at about 30 years old” but with no records of his birth or death.

While Merlin remained a legend for the past 1,000 plus years, Knight says it’s just recently that “The Prophecies of Merlin” have been re-translated from Latin back into “the British tongue.”

Knight writes that a separate version of the “Prophecies” alone would have stated the discovery of Merlin, but this had already occurred in Geoffrey’s history. “Thus, what we have now with the translated “Prophecies” (that are kept by the British Museum and not available to the public) is a Merlin who’s added by alien life.”

The Prophecies of Merlin could be an alien guidebook, say experts

According to Knight, the recent 2010 translation of the ‘Prophecies’ from the Latin into English, start with “a sign of Merlin’s capacity to act as a medium for an external prophetic spirit, a point that Geoffrey makes several times but it’s never been clear that the ‘prophetic spirit’ is alien.”

Moreover, it’s common knowledge in the UFO community that Merlin’s time in history “marks a time in world history when art, poetry and old ancient writings all mentioned ‘heavenly influence’ that was not God, but some superior force from the stars,” states the “Guide to UFO Mythology,” an early 1940’s text produced by a group of UFO “prophets” in Glastonbury, England.

At the same time, Knight points out that the new translation of the Prophecies of Merlin “changes his role as a producer of prophetic knowledge to something like that of a medium, a priest of knowledge, not a direct source of it.”

Thus, there’s now widespread speculation, says Knight that the Prophecies may have clues for today’s modern study of the UFO phenomenon.

In turn, Merlin’s “Prophecies” state this of the influence “from the heavens:”

“In the twinkling of an eye the seas shall rise up and the arena of the winds shall be opened once again. The winds shall do battle together with a blast of ill-omen, making their din reverberate from one constellation to another.”

History proves Prophecies true

According to ancient records at the British Museum’s collection on the “real Merlin” -- this view of a “blast of ill-omen” that Merlin stated in about 1136 -- “foreshadowed the great famine of the Middle Ages.”

In brief, the British Museum’s record of Merlin’s time in history is very bleak because life was tough on the people.

“While TV, film and modern technology paint Merlin and the Middle Ages as romantic, exciting and with damsels in distress, it was hardly that. People died on a massive level and most of day-to-day living was about surviving. Famine was common, and the medieval world was when one in four died due to hunger that was immediate and real,” states a British Museum overview of Merlin’s time.

In fact, when crops failed in England during the harvests of Merlin’s time and later in 1272, 1277, 1292 and into 1319, there were plagues and death that killed millions, states British history records.

Thus, writes Knight, the people turned to Merlin who wrote in his Prophecies that help “was coming from above.”

“For a thousand years or more, this help from above was viewed as coming from God, but now we’re thinking it’s from aliens who walked the Earth with Merlin back in the day.”

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