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The CIA's Real Life Fox Mulder

Is there a cooler nickname to have in the paranormal world? Ron Pandolfi is one of those dudes who has earned it. From

Call it the "Weird Science of National Insecurity."

According to official records released by the CIA, it's been going on since 1953.

According to the legend, it all started in the summer of 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico.

Whispered alongside concerns about new Chinese offensive capabilities against the US Pacific Fleet -- missile "bomblets" for which the US Navy has no existing deterrent -- is the "phenomenology problem."

And if some of my sources, both inside and outside of government, are to be believed, it always comes back to the UFO issue.

The question remains: are the UFOs from "out there" or is there a more earthly explanation involving the intelligence community and deep black covert military cover stories?

One man, and one man alone appears to occupy the best possible position to probe into the facts, fantasies, and fallacies behind the real-life "X-files" of UFOs, alien visitors, spies, lies, and polygraph tape...

Pandolfi first hit mainstream news pages in the late 1990s, following an investigation of unauthorized technology transfers from American defense contractors to the People's Republic of China.

Ken Timmerman, writing for the American Spectator, claimed that "Ronald Pandolfi was the CIA's highest ranking scientist when he visited the headquarters of Hughes Space and Communications in El Segundo, California in 1996."

Congressional Research Service Reports state that:

"A CIA analyst, Ronald Pandolfi, briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee on what he had found in 1995 about Hughes' review of the explosion of a Long March rocket in January 1995. The CIA then allegedly alerted Hughes about Pandolfi's briefing, reportedly according to an internal CIA cable dated September 23, 1998. The committee then asked Attorney General Janet Reno for a criminal investigation into whether the CIA improperly obstructed a Senate investigation."

According to Timmerman, "After Pandolfi testified in closed session before Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), he was removed from the China division and put to work on developing alternative energy sources."

Some believe the "alternative energy sources" include exotic spacecraft propulsion systems with capabilities associated with intelligently controlled extraterrestrial flying objects...

In Jon Ronson's book The Men Who Stare at Goats, Uri Geller, whose psychic powers had been officially investigated by the CIA in the 1970s, claimed he had been recruited into George Bush's War on Terror.

"The man who reactivated me is ..." Uri told Ronson, "called Ron."

Smith claimed his friend at CIA had prior knowledge of the events of September 11th, 2001...

PsycheLeaks: Is Ron Pandolfi the CIA's "Real-life X-files" Fox Mulder?

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