Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Read the Safe Bank Report Now

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Read the Safe Bank Report Now –
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True or false?

• My bank deposits are locked away in a huge safe somewhere: FALSE
• My money is available whenever I need it: FALSE
• The FDIC can protect my money from the current banking crisis: FALSE

Most of us think the term "deposits" mean funds that you deliver to the bank for safekeeping. But the fact is that for nearly 200 years, courts have sanctioned an interpretation of the term "deposits" to mean a loan to your bank.

As market declines and banking turmoil continue to dominate the headlines, this is no time to listen to the media try to tell you not to "panic."

Take action!

Join Club EWI free to read your free report, "Discover the Top 100 Safest U.S. Banks."

You will discover...

The Top 100 Safest U.S. banks (two for each state)
Updated for 2008
Five incredibly risky banking conditions.
How even the FDIC can't really guarantee your money.
How you can choose a safe bank.
Tips on international safe banking.
The free report is excerpted from Bob Prechter's New York Times bestseller Conquer the Crash (2002) – before people were even concerned with the safety of their banks. And the Safe Bank list is updated for 2008!

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