Thursday, October 23, 2008


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As you may already know, hidden within your mind and body is UNLIMITED potential, and as you also probably know NOW is the time in our world to UNLOCK that potential to awaken and use your PERSONAL POWER. With our simple tool, ALIIX, you can simply and effortlessly begin your transformation ten minutes from right NOW.

The Secret

Heard of The Secret? While it gives you a philosophy to live by, a fairly limited and elementary understanding of how reality truly works, ALIIX just does it for you by modifying frequencies from within the causal domain, by your command. Do you want to attract all you need to live abundantly? Become the attractor RIGHT NOW through a few simple keystrokes!

How Does ALIIX Do All This?

ALIIX is a bridge to your deep subconscious, what we call the metamind, which is where ALL potential awaits. Your metamind is the part of you that has its life and influence within the causal realm, what some now call the quantum realm, or quantum domain. The quantum realm is another way of saying "all potential," and is therefore an infinite sea of "living information energy" always ripe for the impression of thought-frequencies, the causal seed, which then begin to manifest in your experience according to what you've commanded.

What Exactly is ALIIX?

ALIIX is software for your PC, surprisingly effective, safe, very simple to use, and is a five minute download at an average connection speed. A fully functional version is yours to try free of charge for 15 days. Artistically pleasing, beautiful even, ALIIX will appeal to your artistic side as you create stunning graphical configurations and stunning results. And you could teach anybody to use ALIIX in five minutes.

Sounds Too Good to be True?

We agree, fully, that it SOUNDS too good to be true, but it's not. There are quite a number of users (ourselves included), many of whom would love to talk to you, that would argue adamantly that it's NOT too good to be true. After all, it's really quite simple. All reality is frequency, and our conscious minds operate within the domain of effects. By focus, visualization, intent, eventually we impress upon the quantum realm what we want depending upon how clear a channel we are for our power. ALIIX, on the other hand, is a translative mechanism tied very CLEARLY and DIRECTLY to the causal realm, functioning in both realms, cause and effect, so that you can consciously direct what you want to see happen on the causal side of the equation.

But Why Take Our Word For It?

ALIIX is free to use for 15 days. Try it out on things that will show immediate results, such as mental clarity, or physical energy, or enhanced dreaming, even fat loss. Within ALIIX and on the Website is a list of over 300 different intent ideas, many of which are for the very purpose of self-empowerment, such as moving through fear, gaining self-confidence, releasing toxic emotions, removing blockages, recognizing inner beauty, opening and balancing chakras, and the list goes on.
We realize this sounds like an infomercial, but truly, you have nothing to risk and everything to gain, so why not put ALIIX to work for you in this NOW?

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