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7 Health Lies

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In the next 22 minutes, 100 Americans will die under the care of sincere conventional MDs. But during that time, you can discover the safe, natural, yet virtually unknown alternatives that could have saved 95 of them...

And one of them might be YOU.

Save yourself a lot of pain, money-and maybe even your own life.

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In the next few minutes, you could LOSE ALL FEAR of...

Heart Disease/Stroke
High Blood Pressure

There's a simple first step to defeating all of these killers and more: Stop listening to the lies of mainstream medicine

Dear Misled Friend,

They're lying to you.

Your doctors, the drug companies, your HMO...

They're all perpetuating dangerous medical myths, and for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it's to cut costs. Sometimes it's to sell more drugs. And sometimes it's just because they don't know any better. Think about it: Just because a doctor doesn't know he's wrong doesn't mean it can't kill you.

In fact, in the next 22 minutes, 100 people just like you across America will have died from the 7 most dangerous lies the mainstream medical establishment tells to patients every day. They aren't just 'little white lies,' either-they involve big-league killers like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's and more...

You may have even already been told one or more of these 'killer' lies yourself!

But even if you have, there's no reason you have to succumb to it. If you keep reading, you'll discover these '7 deadly lies' of mainstream medicine-straight from the archives of the Health Sciences Institute (HSI), the one health organization that can save you from the fate so many of your misled neighbors have succumbed to because of these lies...

LIE #1

'Chemo and radiation are your best hope.'

'Your tests are showing that the cancer has metastasized to your lymph nodes.'

I'm going to have to start you on chemotherapy and radiation this week...'

I desperately hope you will never hear these words. We work night and day to make sure you'll have every weapon you need to stay cancer-free for the rest of your life. And even if you were to discover tomorrow morning that you already have cancer, you could still get well simply and naturally-without drugs, radiation, or chemotherapy. We've heard reports of success from our members all over the world. There are literally dozens of methods of knocking cancer out of your system...

The problem is that your doctor doesn't know about them. He's hopelessly stuck with the outdated cancer treatments he learned in medical school-many of which are now proven NOT TO WORK. But only a small sliver of the medical community knows the REAL CURES. You are now about to discover what may be the most remarkable cure of them all.

An 86% Cure Rate for Hopeless Cancer Patients

In 1999, a leading doctor in cancer treatment was sought out by a number of cancer patients who were so far gone that their bodies weren't responding to any of the standard therapies. Because they were classified as 'untreatable,' he decided to give them a new therapy that showed promise-a non-sugar component of a glycoside group called AGS.

Five years later, all of these patients were supposed to be dead, but 86% of them were still alive and kicking. So we know AGS works!

Since then, he has been seeing more successes, and his biopsy technicians are rubbing their eyes in disbelief at how fast it works.

The 24-Hour Miracle

It kills cancer cells in one day. Researchers have used AGS on deadly melanoma tumors, and cancer cell death comes at high speed-reported results have been in as little as 24 hours. Remarkable, huh? No, it's stupendous. Imagine: If you were diagnosed with cancer next Tuesday, wouldn't it be terrific to find out on Wednesday that it's definitely going away?

AGS shuts down tumors without dissolving them chemically. One of the hottest fields in cancer research is the tactic of 'starving' tumors to death by shutting off their blood supply-a gentle solution that beats chemotherapy by a mile and a half. Researchers used AGS on cancer cells that had spread to patients' lungs (once it's there, it usually goes everywhere), and incredibly, it shrank the lung tumors and stopped the disease in its tracks!

It beats even the new super-cancers. Here's the dirty little secret of chemo: It's rapidly creating new kinds of cancer that don't respond to conventional treatment at all. Just as germs become resistant to antibiotics, these new cancers are multiple-drug resistant. Near-frantic authorities are predicting four million people worldwide will soon die of these super-cancers. But insiders at a biotech firm investigating AGS recently leaked the incredible news that AGS has also been found to be effective in drug-resistant cancers. If the medical establishment would only wise up and get behind AGS, they could save three times more lives than have been lost in all the wars in U.S. history combined.

It has zero side effects. You've seen women lose every strand of their beautiful hair. That's because chemo and radiation attack growing cells, hair follicles being the first target. You've seen patients choose to die rather than continue to face the terror of nauseating treatments. But all this could be over with. Tests of AGS have concluded that it is non-toxic and carries with it no adverse effects. If you're quick on the trigger, you've spotted the meaning of this: AGS is so gentle that you can start taking it regularly as a preventive, to keep yourself cancer-free forever.
Hard to believe, but new studies are starting to show that AGS works on colon, lung, ovarian, kidney, and brain cancers. And another physician, Dr. Paul Ling Tai, is now seeing amazing results in patients with the deadliest cancer of all: Pancreatic.

The Bad News, the Good News

A prominent biotech firm (I can't mention the name) is pulling out all the stops to develop a drug based on AGS. But first, they have to take AGS apart molecule by molecule, then reconstruct the main ingredients artificially so they can patent it. After that comes the maddening, slow approval process. In a decade, it might be in the pharmacy.

You'll find out more cancer cures like this one in your free bonus collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today. Keep reading and you'll get the real, original AGS-at a fraction of the cost you'll pay for the drug version once it's even available!

LIE #2

'Your heart's a ticking time bomb...'

'You can't just walk out of here. Why, you're a ticking time bomb! You could have a heart attack in the parking lot before you even reach your car. I'm scheduling you for a bypass operation first thing in the morning...'

That's the famous 'time bomb' speech that has been used so successfully on thousands of people-few of whom actually needed any kind of operation. Some doctors aren't this aggressive. They give you a kinder, gentler version of the speech:

'You could go at any time if you're not careful. But we can manage your condition pretty easily with medication. I'm putting you on a daily dose of...'

Of course, 'managing' your condition isn't even remotely like curing it. If you knuckle under to this advice, you'll be taking Lipitor, Mevacor, Zocor, Lescol, Crestor, Advicor, Coumadin, aspirin, or various prostaglandins for the rest of your life. But the speech doesn't mention that, does it?

But in just a minute, I'll show you a dozen ways of actually curing your problem with cholesterol or high blood pressure. The fastest, cheapest, and most powerful is what I call...

The 44-cent Preventive for Dropping Dead

Most of the medical profession is in distress about cardiovascular disease because they have no good solutions for it. That's why, over the next 20 to 30 years, hundreds of people you've met will die of myocardial infarctions, strokes, and so forth. The victims have something in common-they all believe anything they hear from someone in a white lab coat.

You, however, aren't one of these people. Just follow through on the simple information that follows, and your blood vessels can stay open and flowing like the Nile. Best of all, you'll do this without drugs or their dreaded side effects. The solution to blood clots is a food, an inexpensive Asian food (also available in pill form). If you can afford 44 cents a day, you've just added a lot of healthy years to your life.

How the University of Chicago is Saving Millions with a Japanese Delicacy

A researcher at University of Chicago's Medical School has discovered that an extremely inexpensive natural food is more effective at healing and preventing heart disease and strokes than the best medical treatments costing $20,000 per dose.

Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi found that a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans dissolves blood clots with unmatched speed. He identified an enzyme in the cheese-like food that prevents heart attacks, strokes, and angina (plus plain old-fashioned senility) without any of the horrid side effects of drugs. (If a clot goes to your brain, you have a stroke; if it goes to your heart, you have a heart attack.)

To his great surprise, he found that when he put one drop of this food onto a blood clot in his lab, it dissolved the entire clot in only 18 hours. That's a stark contrast to the $20,000 substance (Urokinase), which fizzles out quickly and has a half-life of just 20 minutes at best.

Proven for You and Fido, Too

This incredible edible is not just a laboratory wonder. Get the latest on how well it works in the real world.

Researchers began with animal studies. In a single-blind study on male dogs with blood clots, a single serving dissolved the clots completely in five hours! After 18 hours, the clots in the dogs that got a placebo were as big as ever.

Then they tried rats, the soy derivative bested plasmin, the natural clot-fighting substance you have in your own arteries, by four times over.

In human studies, it was again a success: It cut in half the time required for the subjects' bodies to dissolve clots. That means your blood approaches the ideal condition quite rapidly.

No Side Effects Here

Instead of side effects, like drugs, this all-natural cure typically furnishes a bouquet of side benefits:

Stimulates your body to produce more of its own clot-dissolving plasmin. In contrast, most drugs weaken your body's ability to fight its own battles.
Lowers blood pressure. In human tests, blood pressure fell 10% in four days.

May ward off osteoporosis.

Proven to combat senility.

Works strongly to prevent heart attacks and strokes-with just one small 100-milligram capsule per day.

Has a 100% safety record. Unlike the commonly prescribed drug Coumadin, it won't make your blood too thin, no matter how much of it you eat.

Potent But Fun

This isn't a novelty or a lightweight remedy. In fact, one noted naturopathic doctor says that this product represents the most exciting new development and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Many of his patients had tried everything else, even bypass surgery-they came to him as a last resort to stay alive.

Eating this cure-all is nothing like taking a drug. If you have a taste for Asian food, you'll enjoy it. (Try it with hot mustard.) A dried variety is even served now by Japan Airlines with in-flight meals and as a snack with beer.

Saving your life was never so simple!

LIE #3

'It's just a normal part of aging...'

'There's nothing you can do about your (insert mainstream-baffling medical problem here). You'll just have to learn to live with it...'

The best weapon for fighting this kind of medical incompetence is your coat: When you hear such nonsense, grab it and run. Instead, I'd like to tell you about...

The 160-year-old Rat, the
400-year-old Caterpillar, and
Your 130th Birthday Party

Yes, modern science can actually make certain species live to these ages, at least in 'animal years'-while remaining in great health. In fact, scientists have gotten a few roundworms past the 500-year mark. Regular Methuselahs!

No one, of course, wants to live an extra 40 years in a wheelchair, wheezing and unable to add 2 + 2. But that's not what they're finding in experiments on animals. We're finding we can extend middle age, not old age. We're making it possible to keep playing golf and tennis, not to keep driving ourselves to the proctologist's office.

Just from current trends, your grandchildren will likely have an average life expectancy of 100 years. But that doesn't begin to take into account the incredible advances you'll soon be learning about in your FREE collection of The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today. It's just one of the 9 anti-aging weapons you'll get if you follow my advice below. And here's the biggest one right now...

The Granddaddy of All Hormones

There is wide and growing agreement among both conventional and alternative doctors that one hormone is the golden key-the magic mechanism that runs your biological clock and drives all your body systems like nitro-methane propels a top-fuel dragster. Can you guess what it is?

It's not melatonin. Take melatonin, you live longer. It's that simple, and many studies have proven it. Yet melatonin is not the master key.

It's not DHEA. By volume, it's the main hormone in your body. Yet by age 80, you'll have just 5% of the amount you had at 20. That's not enough. What do people with cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer's all have in common? Low levels of DHEA in their blood. Still, DHEA is far less of a variable in your longevity than the key hormone below.

It's not testosterone, thymosin, pregnenolone, and other helpful hormones. They all take a back seat to...


In case you're new to natural medicine, that's Human Growth Hormone, and it's a blockbuster. For power and sheer longevity, nothing even comes close.

In the classic 1990 study (reported in the New England Journal of Medicine), Daniel Rudman, M.D., gave HGH to 21 men between 61 and 81 years old. The average man gained 8.8% in lean muscle (without any extra exercise) and lost 14.4% in fat.

In addition, they had new interest in sex (and with better performance), thicker skin, and lots of other differences. Dr. Rudman summarized the subjects' improvements as equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10 to 20 years of aging. One subject said, 'I get up and look in the mirror in the morning, and there's a 35-year-old man staring back at me!'

Sadly, though, HGH costs $10,000 to $30,000 a year for the injections.

50-Something Forever

Yes, with HGH, a comfortable, vigorous life at 120 is now in sight. Soon, people will live to be 150 or more...

But how? Aren't the costs too high for ordinary budgets?

It doesn't have to be - not if you avail yourself to the incredible health resource I'm about to introduce you to. They have an effective, yet low-cost solution - a specific solution based on one encouraging medical fact: Your faithful pituitary gland is still making plenty of HGH and will likely continue to do so for the rest of your life.

In 1997, new ground was plowed when a myth-shattering report was presented to the American College for Advancement in Medicine by Drs. James Jamieson and L.E. Dorman. They announced their findings that the pituitary continues to produce plenty of HGH well into a person's 70s and 80s. That means we wouldn't need expensive injections if only we could find a way to coax all that perfectly good HGH out of its hiding place in the middle of our brains.

In other words, you've likely got plenty of HGH stacked up in your pituitary gland. It's just not being excreted into your bloodstream. By age 65, only 15% to 20% of it gets out (compared to what got out when you were 25).

That Jamieson-Dorman report was a loud sound of opportunity knocking on the minds of lots of medical pioneers. And did they ever answer the door! In a short time, dozens of formulations hit the market, each promising to make the pituitary cough up its hidden store of HGH on a daily basis...

Only one problem: They don't all work. In fact, a lot of them don't work, to put it kindly.

But you'll know which ones do, if you keep reading. The best we've found here at HSI is a formula sold out of Oregon in the form of effervescent tablets. It was tested on 36 subjects and found to exceed the benefits of HGH injection treatments! Without any side effects.

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, and They Lost 10 to 20 Years!

Some doctors who are prescribing the Oregon formula claim it's 3 to 4 times more effective than human growth hormone itself. And the remarkable thing is that it doesn't contain one molecule of HGH; it's simply a clever blend of proteins, botanical extracts, amino acids, and other pituitary-kicking ingredients.

In the test, all subjects had more energy, endurance, and muscle (with less fat) after just 4 weeks. After just 8 weeks, they reported new hair growth, a restoration of former hair color, and improved skin texture, among other things. Further testing showed reduced LDL cholesterol, sharper vision, improved memory, and better sex. Still with no side effects.

And if you're as skeptical as I am about taking things that could mess up your body long term, you'll be happy to know that whereas HGH shots eventually make your pituitary lazy and reduce its output, the Oregon formula actually increases your own natural production of HGH.

Respond now and get it in your FREE collection of The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today, concise reports on exactly how you can roll back your calendar to better days-and learn to really 'live in the past!' You'll also discover the dedicated group who's making this formula available to thousands. You could be one of them...

The Oregon formula costs more than a typical supplement, but it is far cheaper than the $1,000 to $2,500 typical monthly cost of HGH injections. And though we have no financial ties to the distributor, we have arranged for a limited time for our member to purchase the formula at a discount. To find out how to take advantage of this exclusive members-only offer, turn to page 23 for details on how to join the Health Sciences Institute.

LIE #4

'You have to start on insulin right away...'

'I'm sorry, but your hypoglycemia has blown up into full diabetes, and there's no cure for that. You're going to have to start on daily injections of insulin, or you're looking at kidney failure, blindness, stroke, or amputations...'

The diabetes epidemic has snuck up on us and become the sixth-leading cause of U.S. deaths: Over 200,000 in 2002. And it's only getting worse.

Are you between 40 and 74? Then there's a 30% chance you're already diabetic or pre-diabetic. If a 30% risk doesn't disturb you, check your pulse. If you eat like an average American, chances are 8% that you already have full-blown diabetes-and about 40% that you're pre-diabetic...and barreling full speed down the highway to sugar hell.

Unfortunately, you have a lot of company: 20.8 million fellow Americans with diabetes. Also, the government estimates that 41 million Americans have pre-diabetes, meaning blood sugar high enough to dramatically increase their risk of getting the real thing in 5 to 10 years. And according to Dr. Francine Kaufman, past president of the American Diabetes Association, most of these people have no idea they're at risk.

There Is a Way Out

Yes, a strict diet of veggies would keep you free from diabetes.

But you don't have to go to that extreme. Unknown to the public and most doctors, there are proven plant nutrients you can take in pill form that maintain blood sugar at levels close to the ideal-even if you sometimes fall off the sugar 'wagon.'

After considerable research-wading through countless scientific papers, home remedy reports, and testimonials-HSI's group of dedicated health pioneers (you'll meet them in a minute) has found a bouquet of 4 herbal and plant extracts that does the impossible. It not only keeps your blood sugar in check (as drugs do), it actually helps your body rebuild the organs that control your blood sugar.

Do you buckle up?

That's good. But what if I told you that your chances of dying from diabetes are 4.7 times higher than dying in a car crash.

Four Miracles in One

The four are fenugreek, gymnema sylvestre, konjac mannan, and the nopal cactus.

In the right proportions, they work together like a dream. As one physician reported to me, this mix produced results that doctors have not seen before, even with hard-core drugs. For instance, one 56-year-old patient in Indiana had scored 9.0 on the standard A1C diabetes test (severely diabetic). After just 6 weeks on this proprietary blend of herbals and cactus, she scored 5.7 (under 6 is considered healthy) and got off insulin for the first time in 10 years. Ask any diabetic: That's terrific!

It's Out of Hand!

Individually, each of these 4 ingredients shows good results. (Notably, one of them has been found to actually regenerate cells in the pancreas.) The literature abounds with reductions in blood sugar by averages like 30%, 54%, 52%, 53%, 84%, etc. But acting together, they do even better. Six months of testing on humans showed that in almost every case, blood sugar dropped into the normal range-without side effects.

One test subject, for example, saw his blood sugar fall 500 points in only 2 weeks. This 'cactus cocktail' yields similar dramatic declines in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and other key indicators. Unlike a pharmaceutical drug, it's very body-friendly stuff!

Find out about it in your free bonus collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today. Let us send it to you right away-learn how to get it below...

LIE #5

'Only a calcium channel blocker can control your high blood pressure...'

'You're 135 over 95, which puts you in dangerous territory. But we can bring that right down with a calcium channel blocker...'

High Blood Pressure! Flaky Memory! Saggy Skin! Hard Arteries! Brittle bones! What's Going on Here?

If you have 4 or 5 of these problems, it may not be your heart at all-you probably have a calcium deficiency. How is that possible? After all, you eat the right food. And you take extra calcium...
Fine. But your precious calcium isn't tooling around in your bloodstream like it's supposed to. Instead, it takes the first off-ramp it finds...and buries itself into your artery walls and muscle cells. Millions and millions of calcium ions jam into those cells as if they were in a phone-booth-stuffing contest. So after 40 years of leaking calcium:

Your calcium-logged cells are putting increased pressure on surrounding tissues, especially your arteries. This squeeze on your arteries begins to hike your blood pressure.

Your capillaries stiffen and lose their ability to pass enough blood. Little bags appear below your eyes. Wrinkles sprout here and there. Varicose veins pop up.

Your blood-brain barrier (which is supposed to guard your brain from pathogens) becomes a Berlin Wall. The squished capillaries in your head won't pass enough blood to enable you to remember why you just walked into the living room.

Your bones lose out in the intrabody competition for calcium and begin to honeycomb-even if you guzzle enough milk to drain a herd of Holsteins.
Dozens of spin-off problems begin to subtly slow you down. You may even get ambushed by diabetes or breast cancer. But the main symptom is . . .

High Blood Pressure

If you have even a little bit of hypertension, the U.S. government wants to put you on drugs for the rest of your life. Until last year, blood pressure of 130/90 was no great cause for alarm-just a notch above the ideal of 120/80. Now it sets off bells like a three-alarm fire!

Visit a conventional M.D. today, and he will want you to start taking a calcium channel blocker drug even if you're showing just 130/90. He won't mention anything about when you'll stop taking it. (People don't usually stop taking hypertension drugs because the doctor pronounces them cured; they stop because they're sick and tired of all the side effects.)

About 25% of Americans now are categorized as having high blood pressure. More and more victims are trapped on the treadmill to oblivion. What's the real problem here? Too much salt on the steak? Too much stress? (If that were the case, we could wipe out hypertension nationwide in 6 months just by getting everyone to cut back on the salt and start off the morning with an LP of Montovani instead of The New York Times.)

No, the root problem for salt-sensitive souls is something quite different.

How 88% of All the Hypertension Cases in North America Could Be Wiped Out Immediately

When your body produces too much of two natural hormones, they play tag-team havoc in your system. Parathyroid hormone (PH) is good for you, but an excess of it is becoming quite common for environmental reasons. And when it occurs, it triggers an excess of parathyroid hyperintensive factor (PHF), which is bad stuff. The extra PHF drives your calcium out of your bloodstream and into the mischief zones.

That's where the doctors come in with their calcium channel blocking drugs to artificially keep the calcium out of mischief. But alas, the drugs often cause as much mischief as they prevent. Now the good news:

An all-natural solution has been found. The discoverer of PHF, the head of the Department of Physiology at the University of Alberta, has put together a simple compound that works in a startling 88% of cases. When combined with a change-of-lifestyle regimen, test subjects had an average drop in blood pressure from 171/108 to 126/83!

By any measure, that is dramatic. Through equal amounts of lab experiment work and blind luck, Dr. Peter Pang's Vancouver research team stumbled onto a mix of just 2 ingredients, an ancient Tibetan mushroom extract and a new fish by-product, that work together like magic to begin knocking down your blood pressure in 10 to 30 days-without side effects.

It could transform your health in more ways than you can count. To learn more ways to control your blood pressure check out your free collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today.

Nineteen Minds Are Better Than One!

Some of today's 'health gurus' put out excellent newsletters. In fact, they couldn't be finer-given their one common limitation: They draw on the knowledge and expertise of only one mind...

But here at the Health Sciences Institute, we're a horse of 19 different colors. We are a medical think tank, worldwide in scope, with 19 expert pairs of eyes and ears.

In contrast, consider the others in the alternative health field. If you were to subscribe to, say, the 10 best known newsletters, you'd no doubt eventually make the shocking discovery that the new wonder-cures announced by one 'guru' often aren't even mentioned in the other 9 letters! That's because the universe of real, natural cures that work is vast (even though your doctor and the medical establishment don't know about it)-far too vast for any one person to know...

We're different. Because we're a team of 19 world-class alternative medicine minds, each with a distinct and diverse discipline of expertise, very little escapes our attention!

No Organization in Complementary Medicine Will Bring You as Broad a Range of Information as HSI

You can join the Institute with the confidence that you will receive the world's widest range of vital, life-saving advice-alternatives to the mainstream's myths that no other information service in this field can offer you.

LIE #6

'Nothing can help your Alzheimer's...'

'I'm sorry, but your CT scan shows early-stage Alzheimer's. We can slow your decline somewhat, but there is no cure. You should begin to arrange for your long-term care...'

Alzheimer's Can Be Stopped-but The Ortho-Docs Don't Know It

Please pardon the shouting type here, but we must say this as loudly as we can: If you or a friend begins to show any symptoms of Alzheimer's, head straight for an alternative-medicine physician. Do not even think about wasting your time on an establishment 'McDoctor.'

Alzheimer's is a serious condition, now nearing pandemic stages, and you cannot afford to waste time on conventional, white bread physicians who will tell you that you can't prevent it or stop it. We can and we have.

Don't Be Faked Out

It's true that Alzheimer's is a slow-growing disorder. The trouble is, by the time the victim (or his family) admits that it's not just ordinary forgetfulness, it's usually late in the game. So if it's Alzheimer's, you don't have a moment to spare. You must pounce on it promptly.

But how? Extremely few people know that it can be contained, stopped in its tracks...and often reversed. At the Health Sciences Institute, we have recommended a number of non-drug, non-
invasive treatment protocols for Alzheimer's in recent years. Today we would like to present you with the 4 best. Because the matter is so urgent, we are revealing the full names of these remedies in the discussion below.

Dramatic Results at UCLA

A recent press release from neuroscientists at UCLA announced that DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid, holds Alzheimer's at bay in mice.

They induced Alzheimer's in several groups of lab mice to the point where they had brain lesions. Half those mice then got a DHA-deficient diet for 5 months. The other half got plenty of DHA. Then they put the mice into a tank of water and trained them to swim to a raised platform in it to rest on. After that, they submerged the platform slightly out of sight, so the mice had to recall where it was...

The DHA-fed mice usually located it with no trouble. But the DHA-deprived mice, more often than not, couldn't find it at all! They swam in circles at the edge of the tank, says a co-author of the study. (Sounds to us like the mouse-world equivalent of not being able to find your car keys.)

Step One for preventing or stopping Alzheimer's: Go to your health food store and buy a bottle of DHA.

Step Two for preventing or stopping Alzheimer's: Go to a local health food store and get some alpha-lipoic acid capsules. ALA is widely recognized as the king of antioxidants. So even if you aren't in any danger of mental decline, it will still do you good in dozens of ways. Here's the proof...

They Stopped the Enemy at the Rhine

At German universities in Hannover, Wurzburg, and Leipzig, researchers took another major step ahead in the fight against Alzheimer's in 2000.

They gave 600 mg a day of ALA (alpha-lipoic acid) to 9 human subjects (average age, 67) with Alzheimer's. After 337 days, the extremely encouraging results: None of the patients showed any decline in that time. Now, this isn't a huge number of subjects, but if you've ever had to watch a loved one sinking with Alzheimer's for a year, you know that's an incredible outcome. No drug on the market today has done that.

Moreover, they weren't guessing-they tested before and after with Germanic precision, using the standard MMSE and the cognitive subscale ADASCog (Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale). The results are real.

Going Beyond Stability to Marked Improvement

The reason you are able to read this is that you have healthy quantities of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine throughout your brain.

But if you develop Alzheimer's, that acetylcholine declines and gets broken down rapidly by an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Bad news. Soon thereafter, you start to punctuate conversations with, 'Let's see, what was I talking about?' And it's downhill from there.

However, in the late '80s, a research team found that Huperzine-A, an extract of the ancient Chinese herb Huperzia serrata, easily goes through the blood-brain barrier and stops AChE from destroying your precious acetylcholine. Then, in a landmark study (placebo-controlled and double-blind) they discovered that 58% of Alzheimer's-patient subjects had a 'significant improvement in cognitive and memory function' when they got a mere 0.2 mg of Huperzine a day.

In case you missed it, that means THEY GOT BETTER. That's right: Alzheimer's can now be halted AND sometimes even reversed.

Step Three for reversing Alzheimer's: Stock up on Huperzine-A before you lose any more buttons.

Snowdrops and Daffodils

Those 2 dainty flowers yield an extract called galantamine, which stops Alzheimer's rapidly by boosting your acetylcholine noticeably.
A 5-part study in Belgium concluded unanimously that Alzheimer's patients given galantamine lost none of their mental abilities, while the control subjects given placebos fell apart rapidly, just as you would expect. In another study, doctors at the Helsinki University Central Hospital in Finland started giving 24 mg of galantamine to 359 of 537 Alzheimer's patients each day (the rest got placebos)...

After 6 months, the placebo group was allowed to switch to galantamine.

At the end of a year, both groups were given 3 brain tests. On 2 of the tests, the fortunate ones who had been on galantamine for the whole 12 months scored twice as high as those who had started with placebos. On the third test, they equaled or beat their own scores from 12 months before. Try to get those kinds of results from any medical drug. You can't do it. So take Step Four for reversing Alzheimer's and get a bottle of galantamine.

THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ALL THE ABOVE: Take this advice and you will most likely NOT be among the 50% of North Americans who will have Alzheimer's by age 85.

But to keep up with the constant new discoveries about Alzheimer's (which you won't find in the popular press), you must become a member of the only organization dedicated to unraveling the medical establishment's tapestry of lies-and bringing you the cures your doctor doesn't know about. Almost 100,000 others just like you have already joined, and are feeling and looking younger and more pain-free than they ever thought possible. Just complete the simple enrollment form on the last page to become one of them yourself...

LIE #7

'Everybody gets arthritis...'

'It happens to the best of us. Why, I even have a touch of arthritis myself. There's no cure, but we still have a few pain drugs that haven't been pulled off the shelves.'

New Arthritis Blocker Beats Everything Else

New Zealand Import Blows Away All the Leading Prescription Remedies

It has long been the 'impossible dream' of researchers: a harmless natural extract powerful enough to really erase the pain and swelling of lifelong, crippling arthritis.

Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra, and other drugs that have run into legal and PR troubles in recent months, throwing the medical profession into disarray and confusion about arthritis treatment. For 20 years, alternative medicine research teams in Japan, France, and Australia sweated and struggled to find an answer for arthritis that wouldn't cause more problems than it solved. Finally, they've found it in a remote spot that big-name drug firms never thought to look-on the shoreline of faraway New Zealand.

The Maori natives there are fond of gourmet dishes made from the green-lipped mussel. They credit this mussel with their legendary ability to jog, scamper up rocks, and do teenage-type moves well into their 80s and 90s. They feel sorry for us old folks who can't even climb a tree!

Early Proof in Scotland and France

The first lab tests were pretty crude. They simply ground up some mussels and fed the powder to arthritis patients.

But even that was a modest success: Tests in Scotland in 1980 helped 39% of those with osteoarthritis and 68% of those with rheumatoid arthritis. (All the poor wretches who were assigned placebos had to have surgery at the end of the 6-month study to repair their joints, which by then were badly damaged!)

Another early trial study (1986, France) reduced pain by 62%. (The unfortunates on placebos had a 20% increase in pain for 6 months!)

Finally, after almost 20 years of step-by-step research, researchers zeroed in on a specific group of compounds in powdered mussel extract that actually do all the work of restoring your lost youth. They're called ETA's (EicosaTetraenoic Acids). The process of discovering and isolating ETA was so arduous that the researchers were given patents on the process-very hard to get on a natural, non-drug substance!

Arthritic Joints Shrink 97%

Starting with animals, they found this ETA mix reduces swelling in arthritic paws more than 90%.

Then in humans, they pitted the ETAs against the mainstream drug of choice, which at that time was indomethacin. The result: Indomethacin was 83% effective in reducing painful swelling of joints. The ETAs were 97% effective! They also beat aspirin and ibuprofen.

Even more important: ETAs are non-toxic. And there are virtually no side effects. You certainly can't say that about drugs. Even the most recent drugs may trigger rebound inflammation, eventually making your pain worse than ever.

As to toxicity, don't even think about doubling or tripling your dosage of Celebrex in an attempt to get more relief. On the other hand, ETAs are totally safe to take-even if you're allergic to shellfish.

Good News if You're a Purist

Finally, they got around to testing ETAs against other natural compounds. If you're a devotee of alternative medicine, you probably know that flax oil, evening primrose oil, and Norwegian salmon oil have all been used to alleviate arthritis pain while avoiding side effects.

ETAs have now been tested against all of them. The best of the 'contenders' proved to be a specific brand of high potency fish oil. In a recent test, this oil reduced swelling by 50% in the time allotted. The ETA mix reduced it by 79%.

That's a hefty victory. But here's the untold story: To get that 50% reduction from the fishy stuff, they had to give the test subjects 200 times as much of it. So if you weigh, say, 121 pounds, you'd have to take 100,000 milligrams a day! Compare that to one 500-milligram capsule of ETAs.

Now, we recommend this particular brand of fish oil for general health for a number of reasons. But frankly, when it comes to arthritis (whether rheumatoid, osteo, or viral), it just isn't batting in the same league with ETAs. And the other natural remedies are much weaker still...

End Years of Crippling Pain with this FREE Report

Even if you don't have arthritis, you probably have friends who do.

So lend them your copy of our FREE collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today. You'll be doing them a huge favor. It'll give them brand names, sources, and dosage for the specific ETA blend discussed here-plus a rundown of other new arthritis cures. Do it and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you saved someone you care about from years of ever-increasing pain and crippling.

Join us today, and we'll rush-ship your special collection!

Soon, you might even be able to get the lid off the pickle jar without a pipe wrench. In addition, you'll have 49 other little-known cures for every major cause of death.

Ignorance isn't bliss, it's death.

As I showed you in the first half of this report, your doctor is telling you some potentially deadly lies-and he doesn't even know it.

But it isn't his fault. He simply never learned in medical school or in mainstream journals about the safe, natural miracle-cures that are all around us, but known only to an unorthodox, yet dedicated few. It's a shame, but the modern medical establishment is so dominated by the pill and scalpel that these un-patentable (read: inexpensive and difficult to regulate) cures get swept under the rug by our Big Pharma-friendly government...

However, just because most MDs aren't intentionally ignoring the real cures doesn't mean that their ignorance couldn't be killing you-or someone you love. That's why in order to stay healthy, vigorous, and long-lived in the face of both epidemic illnesses and epic medical incompetence, YOU need to get educated in ways your doctor isn't. You need a knowledgeable health source. And that source is HSI.

Why We're Different

Other alternative medical publishers are digesters. They pore through primary research journals and rake together all the good stuff they can find. Frankly, 5 or 6 of them do a strong job, in our opinion...

But HSI is a force of a different color. With our home office staff and our 19 noted doctors and researchers, we are a permanent, full-service research team. We generate the medical news every month that others may report 6 months or a year later.

Or not at all.

And of course, we monitor the mainstream medical press every day. And we'll review for you the most important advances from that forum every month in the HSI Members Alert, and weekdays in our e-mail wire service, the HSI e-Alert.

But we have our own agenda and research priorities, and they're this: Bringing you fresh news of how all of us in the field of alternative health are solving the problems that have totally stymied traditional medicine.

Give us a Chance, and We'll Make You a Know-It-All When it Comes to Health and Longevity

Join us, and just 30 days from now, you will be on your way to being a bona-fide life-saver-for yourself, your family, and many of your friends. You will have a practical answer for the health problems of 95 people out of 100.

Here are just a few of the discoveries we recently alerted our members to:

A new extract from a Brazilian mushroom that is reported to have reversed and eliminated cancer in 99.4% of guinea pigs within 5 weeks.

A newly fractionated supplement from California that studies suggest eliminates wrinkles without injections, and it greatly speeds up the healing of injuries or burns. As a plus, it gives more pain relief from arthritis than naproxen!

A new extract of clove vine with no side effects that is transforming even mature women into sexual animals! This is a G-rated bulletin, so you'll have to wait to get the details in The 50 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today.

A new mix of 5 natural remedies that cures 98%-99% of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome cases with no side effects.

A totally different, non-invasive answer to killer heart artery blockages-which an early test has shown 100% successful.

A recently isolated alternative to flu shots that cuts your risk of flu by up to 88%-and makes your recovery up to 9 times faster if you've already caught the flu! Read about it in The 50 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today.

An all-natural cytokine adaptogen that'll keep your energy level 52% higher all day long-which means less fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and brain fog. It's so powerful that you only need a few billionths of a gram!

A new compound made from Australian ryegrass, which should have thousands of asthmatics throwing away their inhalers.

A new 'smart pill' that increases your intelligence and memory... and even improves your coordination. Imagine a pill that could guide you to your car keys and lower your golf score!

An antioxidant that's 80 times stronger than vitamin E at treating macular degeneration (age-related blindness).

A few choice sugars that work by literally ordering your body to block cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, skin aging, lupus, MS, fibromyalgia, and dozens more conditions with stunning speed.

A wonderful new natural cure for acid reflux and chronic heartburn discovered by our panel in England. Users agree that after a few weeks, the problem just goes away, usually forever.

A new peptide that's as safe as, well, a glass of warm milk at curing insomnia and stress. It beats the socks off kava and St. John's Wort, not to mention Xanax, Valium, or Halcion-plus, no side effects...

The one (and only) product that will build your bones steadily-and faster than the best prescription osteoporosis drugs. HSI members were the first to be able to buy it, and are still among the only people in the world who know about it.

A natural answer to inflammation, (bronchitis, congested lungs, carpal tunnel syndrome, varicose veins, clogged nose, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, various allergies and more: an enzyme reported to knock out these problems like nothing else on the planet.

Look, we're not trying to be arrogant by pulling the rug out from under all the conventional doctors out there, and we don't have all the answers...

After all, some people die from accidents-or rare diseases that have everyone buffaloed. But with all the humility we can muster, we can still confidently state this:

Through recent discoveries we've made or tracked down, we have uncovered information that we believe could prevent and/or cure the conditions and diseases that kill 95 people out of 100.

We can also now eliminate or control the vast majority of disorders that don't kill you-but annoy you just enough to take the joy out of your life.

Get the full details on all these breakthrough discoveries in our special collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today. It's yours FREE when you join HSI. Reply today

Easy Solutions to Tough Problems

Why drug yourself into oblivion to fight mere symptoms when you can have true health-without the heavy costs and nasty side effects?

Science never stops, even if it's not being reported in USA Today.

The research juggernaut rolls on, knocking down feared illnesses and raising our lifespan. By tomorrow morning, dozens of new cures for disease will be published somewhere for some of the thousands of ills in this world.

Any good cure is welcome, of course. (Any port in a storm, right?) But 80% or more of today's new remedies are coming out of laboratories funded by pharmaceutical giants. That means they're paid to produce drugs.

Now, if you're content taking drugs, just go to any garden-variety M.D., tell him your symptoms, and he will put you on the appropriate drug to 'band-aid' those symptoms. If you can stand the usual side effects, congratulations-you just got a quick fix. (On average, doctors finish with you in 71/2 minutes-after you've sat there waiting half-naked for twice that long!)

If, however, you want to go deeper than symptoms and get rid of the underlying causes of your troubles, then you're looking for us. HSI deals with the other, unknown-by-the-mainstream 20% of new treatments, those called natural or holistic. And we're at the top of that field-we often announce cures that you won't hear about anywhere else.

We are a true think tank, an alliance of researchers in a quest for alternatives to the mainstream that actually cure disease instead of just band-aiding symptoms. And not to be too full of ourselves, but we are the wave of the future in medicine. You can be there for that healthy future, too-if you join us now.

Join Us

Our files are stuffed full of testimonial letters from our HSI members who were so excited to be healed and healthy that they took pen in hand to thank us. You've read a few of them throughout this special collection. Now, we welcome you to join them. Soon you could be writing your own HSI 'success story.'

For a short time, we're offering you an introductory rate of just $79 for a standard 2-year membership. That's $69 off the full rate of $148.

Our one-year special is $49 (still a great value), but most of our members are sharp enough to realize they're beginning a long-term relationship, so they jump on for two years, thereby saving a fast $19. Think about it.

Answers cost money. (Free advice is worth every penny you pay for it). But as an honored HSI member, you'll get more answers for less money than anywhere else. Just as important, you'll get help in a broad array of ways-nine different ways, to be exact.

The next best thing to having a doctor-in-residence


HSI is a network of concerned scientists that are dedicated to helping people, so we welcome any inquiries that aren't answered in our basic materials or on our website.

But because our fees are so tiny (less than 11 cents a day for a 2-year membership), we can't do extensive individual research for you. Nevertheless, we'll do as much digging as possible to get you the best answers.


People who have a health issue that is not responsive to known treatments are often eager to be a subject in the trial studies of a promising new substance or protocol. But it's notoriously difficult to get into such studies; you often have to 'know somebody.'

Well, HSI is your 'somebody.' From time to time, we help our members get chosen to participate in closed trials-often free or near free.


The HSI Members Alert will come to your mailbox monthly, each issue unfolding new discoveries and new ways to get rid of health problems. It draws not only on our HSI panelists, but hundreds of other scientists around the world. The Members Alert is not something you read and toss, but a valuable resource that you mark up, keep on file, and refer back to through the years.


As soon as we receive your membership application, we will send your collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today, our definitive answer to almost all of the common illnesses you might be at risk for. It's worth a fortune in medical expenses you'll never have to pay...and the priceless value of pain you'll never have to fear again. But there are only a limited number of copies, so you'll have to hurry...


As good as our Members Alert is, it only comes out once a month. In between, you'll have a 50-yard-line seat at the game of life. Five days a week, our HSI e-Alert will give you blow-by-blow commentary and announcements of the daily advances in health solutions. (And yes, there is breaking news almost every day.)

We also give you a frequent 'anti-news' flash; FDA bureau quacks, drug-pushing doctors, and pharmaceutical-maker proxies are continually making absurd and misleading announcements through the parrot press. Like, 'New study shows all vitamins useless.' In your e-Alert, you'll get our instant counter-attack on such irresponsible and dangerous statements. (Be sure to give us your e-mail address on the response page).


Whenever we announce a new remedy, we tell you where you can buy it directly (by phone, mail, fax, or e-mail). And if it's something new and scarce, we'll very often use our considerable clout to persuade the manufacturer to set aside a stockpile for HSI member orders only.


We have an impressive archive of past Members Alerts and e-Alerts covering a wide range of health issues and problems-there's very little that isn't covered in detail. The best parts of our site are reserved exclusively for members.


There are no recognized standards or ratings for natural supplements-and no 'Consumer Reports' devoted to vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, antioxidants, or the hundreds of other remedies flowing out of holistic studies every month. HSI can't cover everything, either, but we try to rate the products that matter to you the most. We carefully screen manufacturers and distributors, then recommend only the best. Look especially for products with our highest (five star) rating.


We use our muscle to negotiate deep discounts from distributors on many of the products we discuss in the HSI Member Alerts. Over time, you'll save far more than you'll pay in membership fees!

We urge you to take advantage of our special introductory fee rates to join HSI today. Just tear off the last page, fill in your preferences, and mail it to us in the enclosed envelope (or any envelope, for that matter). You'll be joining a health institute that has more answers to more problems than any source you'll ever find-including your doctor's office or corner HMO clinic...

Beyond this, you and everyone you love will be prepared with safe, effective, natural alternatives when the mainstream hits you with one of the '7 deadly lies' that have killed 100 of your countrymen since you started reading this.

Join us now and defy this fate. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee to get your FREE collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today. While you're at it, lose your fear of some of today's top killers-and live as long and healthy as you possibly can...

Sincerely (and honestly) Yours,

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute

P.S. Hurry! The safe, natural health revelation that could save your life (or make it a whole lot more comfortable and pain-free) could be coming in the next Members Alert newsletter or an upcoming e-Alert-or even in your FREE collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today. But remember: We only have so many copies of this special collection on hand. If you don't join now, RISK-FREE, you may not get yours...


To learn more heart disease treatments, consult your free special collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today. Keep reading to get yours today...

The HSI e-Alert

Through strong word of mouth and the growing support of our members, we have added over 400,000 readers worldwide. Now you are invited to join people all over the world that receive news of urgent medical issues and life-saving cures.

Our promise is to keep you informed of the most recent breakthroughs and advancements in complementary and alternative medicine. For example, did you know...

The cure for arthritis could be hiding in your spice rack?
A natural cancer-killing compound was hidden for seven years by one of America's billion-dollar drug companies?

The biggest culprit in heart disease is NOT cholesterol and it can't be cured with statin drugs?

Make sure you are the first to know about new cures - and new threats to your health. Sign up now. It's absolutely free - and, should you wish, you can unsubscribe at any time.

HSI Privacy Policy: We understand and respect how much you value your privacy. That is why we guarantee we will never sell your e-mail address.


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