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Fear is the Beginning of Idiocy

Fear is the Beginning of Idiocy
Posted by Lava Cocktail at Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Jaye Beldo

(editor's note: I wrote the following for The Konformist in response to manufactured fear and decided to post it considering how much of it is being generated-with the crashing economy, the threat of marital law, etc ).

With the big Y2K let down as well as the May 5th, 2000 hoopla over the planetary alignment that was supposed to shift the poles and extinguish us all, (except for those hiding in Australia along with Stan and Holly Deyo), conspiracists/disasterists are left with nothing much to chew on these days. For now anyway. No doubt some author or prophet wannabe will conjure up a New/ Improved doomsday scenario replete with asteroids, Satanic incarnations, mass meltdowns, instantaneous Ice Ages engirdling the earth, to imaginatively macabre versions of New World Orderism, thus generating more and more book sale revenues as well as public acclaim for the authors. We need to start scrutinizing more subtly, the intentions behind these conjured scenarios offered to an all too suggestible and wanting public ever so anxious to hook its projections onto whatever is immediately available. Cutting through the aura of fascination and morbidity these essentially hope negating works generate should be a top priority for the more responsible and spiritually altruistic amongst us.

Using a kind of intuitive intelligence inherent in every one of us, we can start to see how much of the conspiracy/prophecy genre itself can negatively effect us, thwarting our potential growth and overall evolution towards fearlessness. We can use the yardstick of our subtle bodies (the aura and chakras) to see just how deeply manipulative conspiracy/disaster authors can be, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

In the early 1990's an intuitive named Gordon Michael Scallion set forth to describe disasters to come at the turn of the millennium. There were even these deluxe laminated maps sold at New Age shops and via mail order that showed the Pacific coastline skirting Nebraska, most of the Florida peninsula submerged, new islands, even continents, popping up out of the oceans, etc. Gordon described mass migrations of refugees from the east and west coasts, doubling, even tripling the population of the Midwest, one of the only 'safe refuges', he declared in his visions. However, when none of these unsavory scenarios manifested in the late 90's as he said they would, it was suggested by people attempting to defend him, that he was tapping into a 'false time line' to garner his information. Others said that it was a time line that we may have tracked en route to disaster, if it weren't for our higher consciousness which steered us on a more positive course. ( I much prefer the latter explanation and the positive potential inherent within to ward off fatalism, at least within ourselves). However, In spite of such odd justifications for his mis-prophecies, such fateful blunders must be considered mere dry rehearsals for what's to come in the world of global forecasting in the new millennium when the real disast-orial fireworks are supposed to premiere.

As an intuitive counselor and practitioner of Kriya Yoga, I often sense, mostly during meditation, that possible psionic, radionic and holographic technologies/psychnologies are employed in the creation and sustenance of conspiratorial, doomsday as well as Utopian scenarios as found in such books as The Celestine Prophecy.. (Sur) realities can be inserted in from the lower astral plane, the plane just above our three dimensions and around individuals and groups to sustain nearly any chosen illusion so desired. According to Barbara Marciniak:

"The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison."

She then elaborates on the holographic technology employed by the 'World Management Team' hiding in another dimension (similar if not related to David Icke's Reptocracy at large as spelled out in his book, The Biggest Secret), used to create such hard to detect prisons. Perhaps some of the conspiracy/prophecy books sold to us are manifestations of these manipulative holograms, solely designed to keep us restricted, confined and disoriented. Whether real and/or imagined, we can benefit greatly from her multiplex metaphor and contemplate the holograms that are inserted into us on a daily basis, whether by our loved ones, the local Chamber of Commerce or the New World Order and decide whether they'll be beneficial to us or not. By adopting a primarily yogic perspective on conspiracy/fatalism/utopianism, we can transform if not altogether transcend the fear and anticipation that generates and sustains these holograms once and for all and possibly come from a genuine place of infinite compassion, unlimited expanse and fearlessness. From a yogic perspective, we can sanely respond to conspiracy/paranoia and the cornucopia of disaster scenarios currently on the market and consider them as a welcome opportunity for further spiritual evolution.

One effective way to gauge the credibility of such material, whether it comes from the subconscious mind of the author, data 'objectively' culled from the 'real' word, the CIA/Disinformation publishing houses abound or the so called higher dimensions, is to employ yogic meditation techniques and breathing exercises to enhance our intuitive awareness. Such methods can also strengthen our personal energy fields, making us less vulnerable to these malignant influences.

Whenever I meditate and the astral marauders are itching to trick me with a doomsday hologram or even a mere projection of my own ego, they first try to wreak havoc with what is called the 'moon center', located in the back of the head, the area of the Medulla Oblongata or 'Mouth of God.' Usually I sense that this area tenses up and my breathing gets shallow. I simply say, 'detach' or "I am different' and focus on breathing deeply and relaxing. I also check to see if I'm holding tension in the perineum area and then relax. It is most important to dis-indentify from these negative influences in as many ways as possible and to do this on a continual basis. The more we do this, the less effect things seemingly outside of ourselves have on us.

Unfortunately, persons who have done a lot of drugs and/or abused alcohol have moon centers that are far too open or distorted, making them vulnerable to belief systems, memes (thought forms with a life of their own) and other mental viruses. Many conspiracy authors and lecturers who make a living peddling conspiratorial delusions, often unconsciously imported from other dimensions, have damaged or undeveloped moon centers which are controlled by malevolent forces. Detrimental influences such as these can easily enter the victim's perforated aura, enter through the moon center and colonize the mind as a result. After awhile, the unsuspecting one thinks the belief system or scenario is her/his own and develops an uncanny system of 'objective' justifications to support the belief.

I suggest watching the documentary 'Blood in the Face' on the growing Neo-Nazi movement in America and using your own intuitive abilities to see the negative forces controlling the moon centers of the members of the Aryan Nation. In yogic parlance, these hostile forces or 'adversaries of the gods' are called the Asuras or demons. According to Sri Aurobindo, they occupy what he calls the 'mentalised vital plane' and are similar to the Titans found in Greek mythology (see his book The Integral Yoga for more details). If you have trouble visualizing what the asuras look like, I recommend such epic stories as the Ramayana which describes in colorful and entertaining detail the asuric forces and how we can counter them through yoga and other forms of sincere effort. However, as a word of warning, in modern times, asuras are usually wearing three piece Armanis, hiding in some corporate boardroom, donning the guise of a faceless CEO. Krishnamurti once said, 'The evil of our time is the loss of consciousness of evil." Through reclaiming our intuitions, we can start to regain such a needed awareness and respond to what seems to be hidden accordingly.

In order to prevent being duped by some kind of conspiracy/prophecy whether of promise, peril or somewhere in between, I often will pick up the book, video/audio tape or magazine which promotes it and hold it in my hands. I can then determine if I'm ultimately going to benefit or merely be brain or heart washed by the thing. Usually the information that comes to me is instantaneous and direct. Other times I have to re-approach the work to make sure there is little or no interference from my subconscious mind and its many unexplainable biases. As a book reviewer, I often employ this method to determine if a book is worth reviewing or not. Usually I start to feel dizzy and disoriented if the text is programmed and/or whammied in one way or another and promptly put the book away. If it is genuine I usually feel the top of my head, the crown chakra, vibrate and open up as well as my heart.

The following excerpt demonstrates how to use intuitive/yogic talents to address the conspiracy/prophecy genre and to further develop ones discriminative abilities whether your reading a tractate by Nostradamus or USA Today. For this article, I chose James Redfield's best selling, The Celestine Prophecy to read psychically, a book that promises inevitable utopia for us all if we heed the author's 'channeled' spiritual advice. Advice, I might add, rendered in the most simplistic and spiritually hackneyed of terms:

I hold The Celestine Prophecy in my hands after opening up my hand chakras (by rubbing palms together, taking a few deep breaths and closing my eyes.) The first thing I notice is that I'm losing my grounding, i.e., I feel spaced out, disoriented. My breathing is becoming restricted. I see the publishing house which promotes Redfield's books. I see that negative Freemasonic elements have infiltrated and have taken over. If there is a capstone missing on the pyramid, it can be found hidden in the bottom line. policy of this corporation. I take a few more deep breaths and relax. I now see vampiric elements , mercenary ghouls that float from psychic war to psychic war around the globe. Many have willingly volunteered service to fight for The Celestine Prophecy book sellers to assist them in the mind control of the New Age masses. Some have dropped what they are doing for John 'Men are From Mars' Gray and have moved on to fight for the Celestine cause in its many sequel forms. Whoever opens the book is vulnerable to these dire forces. My third chakra, located in the region of the solar plexus, the center of will and power is closing down as I intuitively read this book with my hands. I choose not to inquire any further. I have obtained the information needed to make the choice. not to read and/or believe this book. I slowly come out, set the book aside, call my energies back and separate from the negativity perceived. End of session.

If you are multi-dimensionally attuned and want to enhance your intuitive abilities for protection, try the above method on any book, magazine, audio/video cassette or other published material of your choice which involves prophecy/conspiracy. As you prepare to do a clairsentient reading, make sure to ground and center yourself. Make sure to do some kind of deep breathing, stretching, and other relaxation techniques prior to making your inquiry. Check to see if you're well protected prior to any intuitive investigation, before, during and afterwards. Also it is important to focus on the heart chakra (the center of love and compassion) so you don't come from a place of power and control (this takes much time, so be patient). When you are ready, then ask, "Where does the information about possible outcomes/scenarios for humanity in this book and/or article originally come from?" Then pay attention to how your subtle body responds to your inquiry. "How can I benefit from this work? How will it enable me to transcend instead of promote fear?"

The answers may not be immediate but they will come, often in very unique and imaginative forms. Make sure to pay attention to your dreams as well and record them in a journal. Many times the answers/insights are disguised in the most amusing and perplexing of puns.

I also recommend using the above psychnique when surfing the net and encountering any conspiracy/prophecy/utopianistic web site that you may find to be questionably credible. The net swarms with asuric entities and one must take precautions. Another fun thing to do is to go to Target or Wal Mart and intuitively read childrens's toys, especially ones which involve reptoidal looking creatures. Many of these toys are intended to track children towards a possible conspiratorial pathway. Try intuitively reading the WWF figurines and GI Joe dolls as well. You may be surprised how these seemingly innocuous items can negatively effect us all.

Sri Aurobindo once observed that, 'An individual's karma is similar to the karma of the nation that she/he was born into.' Such a karmic perspective on conspiracy/prophecy will further enable us to consider that much of what embodies outside of ourselves directly mirrors what is going on in our own unconscious minds and bodies. With such a broad perspective, we can then begin to approach the nebulously dangerous territory of conspiracy with more openness, patience and courage. Such a view may help us, more importantly, to transform our fears, making ourselves more accommodating to others, more authentic and sincere.

Recommended reading:

Aghora:At the Left hand of God by Robert Svodoba (Parts I, II, and III) Brotherhood of Life, Inc. 1986,

Robert spent much time in India with the Aghori Yogi Vimalananda. Aghoris are known for directly confronting and overcoming fear by meditating on top of corpses, eating human brains, feces, etc. Aghora means: Not Terrifying or Beyond Fear. I recommend these works if you are contemplating meditating on the corpse of our Military /Industrial Complex and Transnational Corporations in order to over come your personal fears of these entities. A perfect how to manual for anyone who wants to see through all illusions and how to take the first steps towards doing so.

Overcoming Fear: What's the Secret? by Phil Nuernberger, Yoga International Magazine , November/December 1994 pg. 21

Phil describes some of the elementary forms of fear and how to overcome them using yogic techniques. A very good introduction to the terms used in Yoga philosophy to describe the various forms and manifestations of fear.

Trance Zero: Breaking the Spell of Conformity by Adam Crabtree, Somerville House Publishing, 1997

Useful information on the various forms of trance manipulation, from the seemingly innocuous (the trance between partners) to the more obvious forms of propaganda and how we can avoid being coerced by them.

A good book to develop a rudimentary awareness of various trance states.

Facets of Unity by A.H. Almaas, Diamond Books, 1998

Almaas has written some of the most sophisticated books, combining spiritual practices such as Sufism and Buddhism with Western psychology. He talks much about the false self that can be directly experienced during meditation. It feels like a shell in the body which distorts and diminishes ones essence, or true self. His work has afforded a perspective on conspiracy, helping me to realize that it all isn't purely on the outside. 'We are it' so to speak. I highly recommend all of his works to the sincere aspirant.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. A how- to manual to overcome the fear of death, the most primary and deeply rooted fear that we are controlled by on a daily basis. I especially recommend the chapters on Phowa practice, enabling one to eject their consciousness out of the fontanelle so as to prevent rebirth in some unwanted hell state. Accommodating a Buddhist perspective on conspiracy as a bardo state is most helpful at times. Buddhists consider negativity in its many forms to be projections of the individual's ego. It is up to us, using meditative practices to dissolve these projections, to start taking responsibility for them. Once we do, the less fear controls our lives, the less we have to depend of scenarios sold to us.

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Yoga is a way of life, a conscious act, not a set or series of learning principles. The dexterity, grace, and poise you cultivate, as a matter of course, is the natural outcome of regular practice. You require no major effort. In fact trying hard will turn your practices into a humdrum, painful, even injurious routine and will eventually slow down your progress. Subsequently, and interestingly, the therapeutic effect of Yoga is the direct result of involving the mind totally in inspiring (breathing) the body to awaken. Yoga is probably the only form of physical activity that massages each and every one of the body’s glands and organs. This includes the prostate, a gland that seldom, if ever, gets externally stimulated in one’s whole life.