Sunday, December 28, 2008

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'Knowledge is power' and 'Access is the key'!

Our club was formed to provide everything necessary to help eliminate debt and build savings for personal, family or retirement needs. But our program goes far beyond that as you'll soon see.

It’s easy to join, easy to learn and simple to build for maximum short term and long term benefits. Anybody can do this!

We start with our Power Savings Plan! We'll introduce you to powerful cash accumulation vehicles where you can really put a small amount of savings to work where it may grow faster than you ever thought possible. This is 'leverage' and with membership, you can start from ground zero to create true and lasting financial security! If you do nothing other than be a passive saver, you'll be an 'amazed' passive saver.

Need more savings? We'll show you how to build an internet business and earn a $50 cash bonus over and over for each new member who signs up on your affiliate page. Learn our simple internet marketing system which only takes 15 minutes a day and you can generate up to 10, 20 or more sales each and every day from your internet marketing engine and it's all tracked automatically! If you can 'copy and paste' you can make money with us ! Sign up this morning and be making money this afternoon!

We'll show you more ways of doing business and increasing your cash flow with simple yet powerful ideas that you just follow step by step. Now, take your earnings and pay off debts, increase savings and put it to work in our Power Savings Plan!

Included as an additional 'extra' bonus in the same, one time membership fee, is an entry into our ‘Savings Acceleration Machine’. The ‘SAM’ is a simple system which provides you with exceptional added bonus benefits which include: a lump sum $20,000 in cash for debt reduction (or any purpose), ...we'll also arrange a $10,000 12 month certificate of deposit for you with an independent institution and ...a $10,000 60 month certificate of deposit, both growing and compounding at very attractive interest rates.

But that’s not all! There are a variety of additional benefits to the ‘SAM’ which accrue at various levels. They include; powerful ebooks, gold coins, an international corporate business structure to use as you build your international business empire, membership to a private 'members only' credit union to help you privately manage corporate profits, membership to a powerful business club to help you build an international financial portfolio and protect it , fees pre-paid to an international business and financial conference to get the hands on training and contacts you will need to move to the next level, and those related benefits are far too numerous to even begin to mention. You won't find this package anywhere else!

Membership is only $149 one time only and members immediately benefit from the business cash flow which can start immediately along with powerful club tools, information systems, eBooks and exclusive introductions as outlined on the ‘Benefits’ page.

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