Monday, December 22, 2008

"Damn You Vice President Craig!"

Snow in Las Vegas reminded me of this South Park episode exchange...

From the Script from the South Park episode "Lice Capades"

Vice President: Huh right, the world is conscious. It makes perfect sense. [kneels and knocks on the scalp several times] Hello. Anybody? [the other lice begin to laugh.]

Travis: If we have made too much of an impact, then that consciousness would try to snuff us out! I think we're looking at a global catastrophe, the likes of which we've never seen!

Vice President: Poodiggery and poppycock!

Travis: I think we need to put all resources now into a full investigation, perhaps even begin a licewide evacuation.

Vice President: Evacuation?! Tomorrow is the Gootack Festival. Do you know how much money we would lose? Escort Mr. Mayfield out. The President can't be bothered any further.

Travis: [as security escorts him away] Damn you Vice President Craig! You could be killin' us all!

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