Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Conspiracy

The idea that DSK could rape a woman seemed quite plausible to me at first. What seems entirely implausible is the behavior of the NYPD. Here is a guy who was the head of the IMF and the leading contender for the presidency of France. Yet based on what appears to be entirely the testimony of one black African-born immigrant woman who cleans hotels for a living (and I'm not putting it this way to put her down, I'm putting it this way to show how stacked this deck is) they risk an international diplomatic nightmare by boarding a plane to arrest him, who again is the leading prez candidate of France? Really? On the face of it, the downside to such a move when the evidence has barely been collected makes this beyond plausible. And then they deny him bail and put him on Rikers Island? Guys with his money, whatever their alleged crime, do not go to Rikers.

The NYPD wouldn't risk such an international uproar unless they knew it wouldn't cause an uproar, and the only reason for that would be if it had been greenlighted by those higher on the food chain. And that would have to be something like the CIA to do something that brazen. Why would they do that? Again, read what DSK did in February: he proposed to replace the dollar as the international currency with Special Drawing Rights (SDR) which would hurt both the US government (replacing the dollar as the international unit would make financing the debt more expensive when we least need it) and Wall Street (SDR would decrease manipulation by parasitic speculators.)

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