Saturday, May 28, 2011

Robalini in Steamshovel Press

From Kenn Thomas on

5/7/11: Two lite left opinion spots on the interweb recently ran essays attacking conspiracy theorists; Alternet bemoans the "more lax personal morality" of this imaginary category of people and the writer at Salon has problems with the "hundreds of little confusing bits of information" they seem to require when looking at and thinking about the world.

Steamshovel asked Konformist Rob what he thought about it and he replied:

What is telling about both the Alternet and Salon hit jobs on conspiracy theory is they are both written from a supposed liberal perspective. This is no surprise, as what is left of liberalism (which fortunately isn't very much) has devolved in less than four years into a pathetic group of lapdogs and apologists for Barack Obama. This is what I warned about and expected with the 2008 takeover of the Democratic Party by the Obama Koolaid Kult. As liberalism has bottomed out in its depraved bankruptcy, it stands for nothing but defending a man who stands for nothing. The end result is any criticism of the political establishment (which, at its best, is what conspiracy theory is all about) that Obama now heads is considered a swipe at their naked emperor.

The good news is that even most fervent former supporters of Obama, after countless betrayals, see Obama for the backstabbing fraud he is. Even if they "support" him, it is merely cynically tactical of the "best of the worst" sort. Sadly, they are being shut out and marginalized, although hopefully that will radicalize them beyond the current frame of debate.

In any case, Obama has sanctioned the criminal theft by Wall Street, embraced the neocon military vision, and proposed austerity when a New Deal is needed. And what do the yuppie scum who have taken over liberalism get their panties wet over? Questions from a second-rate Reality TV game-show host with a bad hairpiece about Obama's birth certificate. Frankly, I think Obama should thank Donald Trump for letting him off so easy...

Rob later noted:

I actually have to agree with the argument that showing the [bin Laden death] photos won't silence the conspiracy theories. Certainly photos of Osama's supposed recent death won't sway me much in the age of Photoshop. Indeed, you could make the argument that the whole Birther conspiracy and the release of the alleged COLB was a dry run to test the public response, and they can cite the skepticism on the validity of that to argue releasing the photos will settle nothing...

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