Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On The Death of Osama bin Laden

John Tully

Now I lay me down to sleep while people cheer in the streets like creeps

Of course I love and respect our troops but wonder why they get treated like poop

Having to buy body armor - on their fifth deployment, while people fetishize them - a video game for their enjoyment

All those dead Americans - Iraqis and Afghans too, will the War on Terror ever be through

Ten years gone by - trillions of dollars spent, while ordinary Americans can’t even pay their rent

All this vengeance and all this hate, what have we accomplished, what is our fate?

Don’t feel any safer, we worry more than ever, while the politicians posture and try to be clever

The rest of the World wonders just what to say and thinks to themselves how our country lost it’s way

But I’m a true Patriot and so I ask questions, our Founders would demand this, that we learn our lessons

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