Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Countdown to 2012

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Countdown to 2012: A Disinformation News Exclusive

I think we have gone through, and are going through the final stages of a very dark age, but I also see glimmers of hope everywhere I look. I see people who are no longer willing to have their thoughts and consciousness controlled, and controlled by others. Who seek direct spiritual contact ... I see everywhere around me those seeking to bypass that monolithic block ... and make their own contacts and their own connections.

— Graham Hancock, as quoted in the disinformation® documentary 2012: SCIENCE OR SUPERSTITION

NEW YORK, NY — December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Countless books and websites, magazine articles and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in two camps: those forecasting apocalypse — the end of time — and those who see a coming renewal, a rebirth of consciousness.

In this thorough, fascinating documentary, leading researchers, writers and scientists in the field tell us exactly what this date means to them, why it's important, and what we should expect. These award-winning authors, historians, scholars, professors, archaeologists, astronomers and journalists — many of whom offer varying and sometimes conflicting perspectives — include: Dr. Anthony F. Aveni, Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery, The Egypt Code), Walter Cruttenden (The Great Year, an award-winning PBS documnetary narrated by James Earl Jones), Benito Venegas Duran, Graham Hancock (Supernatural, Fingerprints of the Gods), John Major Jenkins (Maya Cosmogenesis 2012), Lawrence E. Joseph (Apocalypse 2012), Jim Marrs (Alien Agenda, Rule By Secrecy), Alonso Mendez, Daniel Pinchbeck (2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl), Douglas Rushkoff (Cyberia, Media Virus), Dr. Alberto Villoldo and John Anthony West.

On January 27, delve into the many mysteries, theories and hypotheses that swirl about this long-prophesied day with 2012: SCIENCE OR SUPERSTITION, a disinformation® original documentary motion picture. Available January 27, this compelling and definitive documentary brings to life the fascinating debate on the 2012 phenomenon through riveting interviews with leading experts, illuminating cosmic footage from NASA and eye-popping CGI.

In addition to the full, feature-length documentary, this timely release also includes bonus programming including a featurette exploring American psychedelic shaman Terence McKenna's "Time Wave Zero" in which the I Ching calendar and fractal mathematics is used to prophecy the end of time in 2012; and, a tour of Palenque, a classic period Mayan city in the Mexican state of Chiapas, the site of ancient Maya calendars and the home of Pakal Votan, the revered culture bearer and healer of Palenque.

What can the world expect on December 21, 2012? Uncover the latest facts, findings and discussions and decide for yourself with 2012: SCIENCE OR SUPERSTITION, only from The Disinformation Company. More information and trailer available at 2012DVD.com.

For review copies or to interview the filmmakers please contact dvd@disinfo.com.

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