Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barely Scratching the Surface of the Jesus Story?

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What if We're Barely Scratching the Surface of the Jesus Story?

There just aren't enough answers. There are too many holes in the story. There are too many stories that don't speak of a God of love. Jesus doesn't make sense.

Is this you? Do you have more questions than answers? Are you struggling to believe?

Or are you a believer who can't make the ends meet?

Ears to Hear is the book that is finally telling the whole story. From perfect Adam, to fallen Adam, to perfect Jesus, and the end of time. Pastor's son, Matt Cooper, takes you on the journey of a lifetime in this masterpiece new book, which explains everything - even the impossible and irrational things like the Lake of Fire, Hell, and Demons. This book was born in years of struggle between Christianity and deep depression because of this immovable faith, and written after the author found a way out of this "rock and a hard place".

This book encompasses all the hidden nuggets of truth, even the not-so-hidden ones found in some well-known verses of the Bible, and explains with great passion the undying love of God for humanity. What began as a quest for the truth behind it all, ended with finding out that nothing was as it seemed.

This philosophical epic is no book to fall asleep to! Its easy-breezy style brings reason and logic to the Christian tradition in easy-to-understand language which makes the concepts accessible to people from every walk of life.

Ears to Hear is the book that is opening eyes and CHANGING LIVES!

All the Answers You Need:

How can hell be created by a God who claims to be love?

Was there more than one "Fall" of Adam?

What gender is your spirit? How old is your spirit?

Was Eve meant to be?

Is "the devil" really so obsessed with my life?

What does the Bible say about what demons actually are?

Is "sin" what we think it is?

What is the purpose of human life?

What is baptism really all about?

How is the "lake of fire" an expression of God's love?

What is the truth about "the beast" and the "anti-Christ"?

Is lawlessness actually part of God's plan for the world?

Why is there so much talk about money in churches?

Is the church relying on a new form of "illiteracy" to accomplish its purposes?

What does it mean when it says "many are called but few are chosen"?

Are we really saved when we say the "sinner's prayer"?

Is salvation actually conditional?

Is prayer necessary?

And hundreds of other things they never told you....

What Readers are Saying

"I read the entire book last night, and couldn't stop crying."
Janice M.

"Simple and profound. I haven't read anything like this before!"
Stephen G.

"Finally, it all makes sense!"
John V.

For a Limited Time...


Ears to Hear is being offered for a limited time as an Ebook! As soon as it hits bookstores, we will no longer be able to offer it on the internet and at such a discount!

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