Friday, April 24, 2009

I Gotta Chill

I Gotta Chill
Herbert Barry Woodrose
Saturday, April 18, 2009

The country's wetting itself over dead teenagers in Somalia, and not asking how the fuck that all started. The AP is cheerleading a feel good campaign that most of State Media is joining in - Time, ABC, CNN, all of 'em are lining up - I heard that whacko that Jon Stewart nearly beat to death, that whacko from CNBC, declared the Depression over -

All of them are starting to get real stern about whether we really need Unions or whether we have to entertain the oligarchs for just a little longer and hope they meant what they said all those years: that we didn't need Roosevelt to create Minimum Wage, we really could've trusted the corporate Masters to take care of us. The Af-Pak war is burning brightly, banks are being encouraged to lie (again) in order to calm down the public. Mike Albert over at Z Mag had a plan for fair economics, and no one in this country is listening - he does decent business around the world it seems, but here he might as well be speaking in binary. Or Economics, for that matter, for all anyone seems to know about that subject.

I gotta chill. I'm gonna burn the hell out and there's no point to that.

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