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by Barry Chamish

In 1992, my book The Fall Of Israel was published in Britain to good and great reviews throughout the British media; ie The Economist, The Telegraph, Scotland On Sunday etc. I was on the verge of making a major impact on the US when, as my publisher explained, "The publishers were fighting to publish it; Wiley, MacMillan, the big ones. And every time the contract was on the table, some representative of a Jewish organization would threaten to destroy, yes destroy, the publisher if he published your book. I'm saddened to say, the threats worked."

My crime was exposing the deep corruption of the Israeli government, while defending the nation's right to self-defence. If only the book had been given its chance, maybe Israel could have prevented the morass of criminality it is steeped in today. Maybe, Rabin wouldn't have been murdered from within his own party. Maybe the Jews of Gaza would still be in their homes. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But we'll never know because American Jewish aiders and abetters of Israel's ruling crooks censored me with effective extortion.

So, I suppose thinking we were on the same team, former Counsel to Congress, Jeff Gates sent me his book, Guilt By Association, hot off the press. The problem is Gates just gets too much wrong by assuming all "Ashkenazis" are murderers and thieves and the only good Ashkenazis despise Israel. In short, the Ashkenazi crime syndicate is ruining America, wrecking the planet, and should, no must, be removed legally and with them, Israel as we know it.

And yet, the book is filled with useful trivia about the crooks, all from the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), though that is never mentioned. Did you know that:

- John McCain's father, led the government commission of inquiry which exonerated Israel for deliberately and with deadly purpose, almost sinking the USS Liberty in 1967.

- Or that son John McCain was on a commission to whitewash the thefts of S&L owner Charles Keating and agreed to hire Alan Greenspan to write the report saving Keating.

- Or that longtime board member of AIG is the Henry Kissinger.

- Or that Obama treasury advisor Larry Summers, as the shortest reigning Harvard president ever, sent a crew of academics to Russia to legitimize the financial plundering of the country, sadly, largely by Jewish crooks, now living in Israel.

The problem is not with the facts, but with all the facts that are missing. By conveniently scrubbing the information that doesn't fit with his thesis, Gates has produced a one-sided, no, a hateful book. In his world, Arabs are rational liberal Europeans, and no matter what the true circumstances, Israel is always the aggressor. I mean, always, everytime, without exception, in the wrong.

And that makes for some pretty agonizing reading. Let's quote the book with some observations:

- By his unwavering support for Tel Aviv regardless of its behavior, John McCain has confirmed that his sympathies lie with those who deceived America to wage a war on behalf of fundamentalists who have long planned to expand the Land of Israel to include Greater Israel. - Introduction, pp xvi

So the forced evacuations of the Sinai, Jewish Gaza, 95% of Judea and Samaria's Arab population, with much of Jerusalem and the Golan on the chopping block, is expanding the Land Of Israel for fundamentalists? Oh yes, Tel Aviv is Israel's capital throughout the book, used even when actual events took place in Jerusalem.

- Yet pro-Israeli war-planner Paul Wolfowitz, then deputy secretary of defense, assured a trusting public that Iraqis would welcome US troops with flowers and sweets. - Intr. pp xxvi

This same Wolfowitz, who I want to see stand trial as well, promised Israelis that by evacuating Gaza and making 10,000 honest souls homeless, Arab terrorism would stop. Now on the next page, look at this total twisting of reality.

- To prevail at modern-day warfare, these enemies of moderation and informed consent deploy agents, assets and sayanim (volunteers). This mix of sophisticated psychological operations (psy-ops) and lengthy pre-staging makes this form of warfare particularly perilous to an open society where freedom of speech, press, religion and assembly provide these operatives a dependable cover. For those complicit, freedom becomes a means to undermine freedom. - Intr. pp xxvii

Right on brother, except these techniques are used hourly against the religious, the settlers, the Right; his fundamentalists. But because Gates believes that the Israeli government is fundamentalist and theocratic, he hasn't a clue about the subtleties, as ghastly as they are, that really take place in Israel. My guess, and I'd stake my old car on it, is that Gates has never been to Israel. Look what he thinks goes on there:

- At least 20 different laws disadvantage Arab-Israeli citizens. An Arab cannot buy a home in settlement areas. An Arab who marries an Israeli cannot reside in Israel. Arabs are even issued different colored license plates for their cars. - pp 132

Not one word is right. Long ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Arabs can move into settlement areas and they are now swarming into places that used to be Jewish, like French Hill in Jerusalem. If an outside Arab marries an Israeli, nothing can or will stop him from living in Israel. And everyone has the same yellow license plate with black lettering. Needless to say, the book is overflowing with just such outlandish "facts" about Israel. Look at this winner:

- I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we the Jewish people control America. - Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

Now look at Sharon in April of 2005. "The American State Department want us out of Gaza. I have no choice in the matter." Gates always uses the quote that serves his purposes and ignores the quote that may harm his thesis. And he makes statements of his own without taking a second to analyze if they are the whole truth, partial truth, or not true in the least:

- As sponsor of the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace process, Jimmy Carter arguably did as much as any President to improve Israel's security. - pp 127

Had Israel held on to even a little strategic territory in the Sinai, Egypt would not have become the funnel for Hamas' rockets and weapons. Egypt reneged on the agreement long ago and both Israel and the Arabs pay with their lives for Carter's folly. But Gates' superficiality knows greater bounds:

- Israel staged its preemptive land grab in the June 1967 Six-Day War. - PP 24

And to prove this patently ridiculous assertion, Gates writes the flimsiest chapter with the flimsiest of "evidence" of his book. Read it if you don't believe me. I'm not going to refute the charge. It was refuted when he wrote it.

But when Gates gets out of Israel, a place he knows nothing about, and back to America, where he is far more comfortable, he does gather strong evidence that the Jewish unelected ruling establishment are a bunch of no-good felons. I concur.

Gates writes a convincing chapter claiming the American, as he calls them, sayanim, used deceit to lure the US into its war with Iraq. He, naturally reasons, that the goal was to support the expansionist theocratic Israeli government. What my research points to is that during the first Gulf War of 1991, Israel restrained itself from attacking Saddam Hussein who launched 31 Scud missiles against the country in a month. Far from expansion, Pres. Bush the senior, promised Israel the Americans would execute Hussein in return for restraint and traumatic contraction of its land, called eventually, the Oslo "peace" Accord.

Having fought the hard-won losses of territory, I became a victim of what Gates describes highly accurately, even with all the wrong motives as:

- Since the Six-Day War, the charge of "holocaust denier" has been deployed to discredit and intimidate those who seek to identify the common source of the provocations that evoke extremism. Intr. xvi

The same thing happened to me and the denier rumor spreader knew he was disseminating a complete lie. The liar was one Daniel Pipes, the fake intellectual of the neo-cons of the CFR, who Gates indirectly describes, as I have been doing for years, as a genuine enemy of Israel:

- Members acted as a self-appointed "citizen's lobby" for the present danger: terrorism and the need for Pentagon appropriations to protect America - from "Islamo-facism." pp 27

Daniel got his job because his father:

- Richard Pipes emerged as the primary intellectual force in compiling Team B assessments. Team B exaggerated the risk to national security of Soviet military and economic strength. It also set the precedent for what emerged 25 years later as a Pentagon operation (the Office Of Special Plans) that "fixed" the intelligence to induce the invasion of Iraq.

Because I have been victimized by the murderers and thieves who run the American and Israeli ruling establishments, I can vouch partly for this book. What Gates doesn't get is that the victims are not just American soldiers and Arabs. The biggest losers are the Jews and the Israeli "fundamentalists."


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Here's just one issue to be discussed:

The Pope’s contribution to neo-Nazi propaganda

This article, taken from the excellent rue89 website, reveals the now Pope’s agreement to publication in a fascist magazine, at a time when that ideology was gaining traction again in Austria and Germany. It is to be considered alongside the article by philosopher Kurt Flasch looking at the ideological shift in Catholicism, revealing perhaps something of the direction Benedict XVI intends to use his not inconsiderable political influence to pursue.

When Benedict XVI wrote for a fascist magazine

An Austrian parliamentarian has unearthed an old article from 1998, written by Cardinal Ratzinger in a German nationalist publication.

In January 2009, Karl Ollinger, an Austrian Green parliamentarian and specialist in the fight against the flourishing far right in his country, came across a special edition of Die Aula magazine, published to mark the anniversary of the 1948 German revolution.

Amidst the fabrications of holocaust-denying far-right German parliamentarians and members of the German neo-Nazi party, the NDP, he was dumbfounded to come across an article written by Cardinal Ratzinger entitled ‘Freiheit und Wahrheit’ (Freedom and Truth).

It is in fact a virulent attack on individual freedoms and the democratic system which can still be consulted in Vienna, in the Centre for Documentation and Archives of the Resistance (DOW), a body responsible for oversight of extremist movements.

The Church’s embarrassment

In the first instance, the diocese of Vienna stated that Cardinal Ratzinger never gave the green light for its publication in Die Aula. ‘Freedom and Truth’ was in fact an old text dating from 1995, published for the first time in a conservative Christian magazine.

No luck. The person who negotiated the publication with the Cardinal’s Secretary kept their complete exchange of letters: the Cardinal well and truly did give his written agreement to the re-publication.

Today, German extremists still consider Benedict XVI as one of their own and take pride in the fact that the sovereign was published in their magazine. The special edition is also for sale on the internet!

Die Aula defends holocaust-deniers

This information places the ideological shift since Bendict XVI was appointed Pope in a new light. Bavarian by birth, he would have difficulty explaining that he did not know what Die Aula was in 1998, the magazine being published in German. At the time, it openly supported the rise of Jorg Haider, whose unfortunate fame went beyond the borders of little Austria.

Die Aula defends holocaust-deniers and those it calls ‘victims of freedom of expression’, i.e. far-right politicians condemned for causing offence to Islam. It criticises laws that suppress holocaust-denying theories, frequently flirts with anti-Semitism and attempts to re-write Austria’s modern history. On the nomination of Benedict XVI, it loudly declared its joy.


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