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Greetings to all truth-seekers and freedom-fighters! Thank you for visiting the official website for CONSPIRACY CON. This annual conference is a bold and serious approach to serious issues, dedicated to providing a forum for those who say what few are willing to say and facilitated in an atmosphere of goodwill, integrity and fun. Each year several of the most controversial speakers in the world gather to share their knowledge of many different issues (rarely or never addressed by our controlled media), which profoundly affect us all. Just some of the subjects covered are: Mind Control, Secret Societies, Shadow Government, The Federal Reserve, 9-11, Occult Technologies, Suppressed Knowledge, New World Order, etc. This can even include looking to the manipulation of humanity by non-human intelligences... be they alien, inter-dimensional, demonic, satanic... whatever consciousness it is, operating on (and in) this planet, that looks upon humankind as sheep and cattle to be herded and slaughtered at will.

The primary goals of CONSPIRACY CON are to directly expose and analyze the "real" problems and the "real" problem-makers of yesterday, today and tomorrow, as well as to provide courses of action and potential solutions to the challenges that are placed upon humankind by these forces, which (for the moment) may seem invisible, perpetual and insurmountable.

I submit to each and every one of you reading this that the conspiratorial view of history is far closer to the truth than any other version of history. And, what backs this statement up... history. The so-called "conspiracy theorists" are proven time and time again to be right far more often than not. God bless the "conspiracy theorists" of today. For tomorrow they will be called "hero."

It is time for all of humankind to grow up quickly and take a look at some disturbing things. I, though, will be the first to tell you that this can be an extremely difficult undertaking for most card-carrying earthlings. This is due to the fact that those same masses are nothing more than products of years, if not decades, of programming and indoctrination (by design)... and not real knowledge that is truly self-empowering. Case in point: Look at the word "graduation." Etymolically it is derived from two words... "gradual" and "indoctrination"... "gradu-ation." Furthermore, why do you think it's called television "programming?" Perhaps the all-seeing "eye" network can answer that one. It's the one with show titles like "Martial Law" and "Big Brother."

It is said "Seek the truth... and the truth shall set you free." A wonderful statement and ideal, but it is incomplete. There is a bumper sticker out there that sums up the "waking-up" process on this planet perfectly... "The truth shall set you free, but first it'll piss you off!" And, I for one am pissed off. If you aren't, then you're either dangerously ignorant as to the way this world is truly run and controlled; you're in complete denial about this reality; or you are a willing pawn in this global game of chess played by the worst of tyrants.

If you fall under that last category, I feel compelled to quote a line to you from the TV miniseries "V" in which a rebel declares, "Congratulations on selling out your race to a bunch of night crawlers." If you fall under the first two categories, and think you can "handle the truth," then look no further. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Join us each year and gain the knowledge that will truly set you free…

Brian William Hall ™
Executive Producer

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