Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Ultrasound Not Mind Control

America's secret government has been waging a covert war against the mentally ill for decades. The secret government is attempting to get states to adopt stronger laws against the mentally ill. In order to accomplish this, the secret government must change the way ordinary American citizens perceive the mentally ill. Basically the secret government must scare the public into allowing stronger laws enacted. The secret government ultimate goal is a federal law requiring monitoring and forced mediation of people with serious mental illnesses.

The secret government has been waging a war against the mentally ill using classified harassment technology. The technology uses ultrasound to attack people through walls of their homes. The secret government has also been using classified surveillance technology to electronically see and hear through walls of mentally ill people's homes. The technology that can electronically see through walls of houses is used to target the ultrasonic harassment technology. A mentally ill person in his home can be targeted and attacked through the walls of his own home with the classified technology operated from a neighboring house.

The public has seen the aftermath of this war against the mentally ill. People claiming to have lived in haunted houses, mothers who kill their children and claim God told them to do it, and people who claim to be victims of mind control or radiation weapons. The public has basically been programmed over the decades that people who make such claims are mentally ill. But what is not know to the public is that the secret United States government has developed classified technology to trick people making such claims into believing they are experiencing an extraordinary event in their life.

One classified technology that has been mistaken for mind control is a technology that fires a focused beam of ultrasound at a targeted person in his house while he sleeps. As ultrasound enters the body, it disrupts blood flow to the area of the body it enters. An example passing strong ultrasound through a leg can cause a numb feeling in the leg, a sensation similar to what people call a leg falling asleep.

The secret government has developed technology that fires a powerful beam of focused ultrasound into the base of the targeted person's head. The ultrasound will penetrate the top of the person's skull and enter the brain. The ultrasound will disrupt blood flow to the areas of the brain while the targeted person sleeps. The targeted person will experience bad dreams or nightmares.

The dreams will vary depending on the person attacked. Basically the person inner demons will determine what type of dreams the targeted person will have. If the targeted person is a violent person he could have violent dreams, such a hurting another person. The targeted person may interpret these dreams as a sign and may act out in real life and commit a violent act.

When this technology is used against a person while sleeping, he may wake suddenly and hallucinate for up to a minute. The targeted person may wake and believe he is speaking to a person who recently died. Another targeted may wake and believe he is seeing a ghost. What the targeted person hallucinates will vary depending on the person targeted. Again the targeted person inner demons will determine what person hallucinates. Once the targeted person wakes the blood flow will return to normal in the brain and the targeted person will regain his state of mind. How the targeted person interprets what just happened will vary.

Some people mistake the occurrence for electronic mind control. The ultrasound is disrupting the flow of blood in the brain and is not controlling what the targeted person will dream or hallucinate.

After being attacked by this harassment device the targeted person will feel an area of numbness to the top part of the head. This is where the ultrasound entered the head and penetrated the skull bone. No physical marks or evidence will remain.

The harassment device fires a powerful ultrasonic beam of sound into the base of the targeted person's head while he sleeps. The harassment device is targeted to attack the targeted person through walls of a house with a through walls targeting system. The targeted person body heat is detected through walls by this targeting system. The targeting system provides a detailed image of a person behind walls of a house.

The targeted person can be attacked at any time of the night with this technology. An example the targeted person can experience bad dreams at 3am in the morning each night. In haunted house stories, a person being awoken at 3am is the time Christ died.

There is a method to block the ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound cannot penetrate a panel with a vacuum inside. A vacuum is the absence of air. A high level vacuum is necessary in the panel to completely block the technology. Placing vacuum panels (3 foot height by 4 foot width with at least 3 inches of vacuum) around the targeted person while sleeping will prevent this technology being used against the person while sleeping.

The war against the mentally ill by the secret government involves a massive disinformation campaign against the mentally ill. The secret government is attempting to convince mentally ill people that physically harmful technology is being used against them. The secret government wants to convince the mentally ill that mind control is being used against them. This is being done because when the targeted person attempts to tell other people that mind control is being used against him, he will be viewed as being seriously mentally ill by an average person.

The phrase "Why don't you get a tin foil hat!" was invented by the secret government as a way to make a person complaining of harassment by mind control as being mentally ill. Tin foil will not block ultrasound. A more realistic phrase should be "Why don't you get some vacuum barriers!"

The secret government has done an incredible job over the decades with their war against the mentally ill. The secret government has many more ultrasonic harassment devices that have been secretly developed over the decades. The following symptoms are all artificially created by classified sonic harassment technology.

1. Snapping noises that appear to come from hard surfaces near a targeted person.
2. Sounds the targeted person hears that no one else can hear. These sounds can voices or other strange audible noises.
3. Burning sensations in areas of the body, mainly legs.
4. Numb sensations in areas of the body. Can be in legs or other areas such as top of the head.
5. Jolts to limbs, fingers or other parts of the body Jolts can be slight or strong.
6. Strange dreams or night mares and hallucinations for under a minute when awoken.
7. Areas of severe pain in parts of the body.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Konstantin said...

1. Look for the greedy interests!
The whole thing is used all my life against me to plagiarize all form of intellectual property and ideas.
Ethnic Russian's controlled government of USSR started it in spring of 1947, when I was only 4, and invited British and USA government to join the party of stealing by torture from me fame, money and power.
I was sentenced to death with my mother in 1947 for refusal to create for them, as a slave, and since they used West and East agencies's harassments, tortures, assassinations attempts and all other methods, including new technologies that came along.

2. The "national security" reason is an impudent lie!
They all are the ruling World elite of criminals and their criminal "posterity" that steal and destroy anybody who is not them!
My apartment, even at this moment, is surrounded by walls bombarding ultra-, infra-, micro-sounds and vibrations, telepaths and "Lemurs".
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They all torturing me and stealing from me my Destiny, my role in helping the World and to USA through letters to UN, World governments and Internet Forums, all form of Ideas, solutions and concepts, Inventions, Discoveries, literature...

3. Harassments, innuendoes and sounds also used - for plausible deny-abilities and to try to make me miss-interpret - no way, I am not their "playing crazy" ship!
But such harassments create additional mental post-reaction to real attacks - to make it cheaper for them by pretending that they do vibrations and hypnosis more often and more massive or different than they actually do.

4. My mother is already destroyed by them - she has almost total memory loss.
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While they denying me to earn some money, they intensifying greedily brain sucking day and night - trying to find out whether I have some ideas with assembly and usage of my new PC and to steal it as well!


Konstantin said...

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Indeed, he'll email his affiliates
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Indeed, Petersteel even more plain
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