Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Quotes: South Park, Part Two

Liane: It started about four days ago, Doctor, and every day he seems to get worse.

Cartman: Puh-pussy!

Liane: Oh...

Cartman: Pussy! Cock! Shit!

Liane: Oh dear... I was checking out the Internet and ih, it almost seems like his symptoms are like those in something called "Tour, Tourette's Syndrome"?

Cartman: Tourette's Syndrome? What is that, Mommy? Butthole! Titties! Balls!

Doctor: That doesn't seem likely. Tourette's is a hereditary disease; it doesn't just suddenly start.

Cartman: (pause) Cocksucker!

Doctor: On the other hand, Tourette's does often develop later in a child's life, getting progressively worse.

Cartman: Oh wuh, well that's it! Shithead! Asshole! Mexican sticky balls!

Liane: Oh Doctor, can you help him?

Doctor: We don't know very much about Tourette's I'm afraid. But we will give your son all the help we can.

Cartman: But what about school, Doctor? The teachers and the principal, they won't understand that I can't control what I say.

Doctor: Don't worry, young man. We'll make sure everyone understands your disease and gives you the compassion you deserve.

Cartman: Ohohh, that's awesome. Thank you. (pause, points finger at doctor) Faggot!

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