Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mondo 2000 History Project

Ken 'RU Sirius' Goffman April 21, 2010

THE SHORT VERSION… PLEASE I BESEECH THEE go to the Mondo 2000 History Project at:

Buy a dedication in the book for $5 (or more) so that we can make our goal. And yes, this means YOU, Mondo contributor/creator/important personage. And use all your networking tools to get others to do the same. We are stalled at about 2/3 of the way there.


We launched the Mondo 2000 History Project 16 days ago on Kickstarter soliciting $7,500 in exchange for rewards ranging from a dedication in the book ($5) to the opportunity to prank reality by writing yourself fictionally into Mondo history ($750) with many rewards and prices between.

In less than 72 hours, we took in over $4,000. Hooray! Since then, in 12 days, we’ve taken in maybe about $500. This is typical internet behavior, the burst of enthusiasm followed up by nothing. If we don’t make our goal of $7,500 we don’t get anything.

Meanwhile many of you have joined the Mondo 2000 Facebook page. There are now 750 people here. If 2/3 of you went to the Kickstarter page at and bought a $5 reward that would be $2,500… and we would be just about there. $5 freakin’ dollars! That’s probably not going to happen, but some of you can make up for the slackers by buying a bigger reward.

By the way, this doesn’t apply to you because you were such a big part of Mondo 2000? No, sorry. I’m not allowed to… otherwise I would put in $5 myself. So instead -- just to show that it doesn’t hurt and leading by example -- I bought $10 into Patrick Farley’s “Electric Sheep Reloaded” and $10 into “Saint Misbehavin’”, the movie about Wavy Gravy. I know for most of you, it’s not a question of money but a question of time or some invisible barrier to acting. Think of it this way -- a $5 buy in is a vote for the project to happen.

By the way, $7,500 is the estimate of how much it will cost to run an open source exchange of memories and thoughts for a period of 2-3 years on the cheap allowing for all the bells and whistles that are implied (including substantial uploading of video and audio files). That’s before anybody gets paid anything for his or her (or its) time.

One other thing you can do. Put the Kickstarter link in front of people – your mailing list, your blog, your social network, your refrigerator door… whatever.

So if you’d like this project to happen, please go to Kickstarter and buy into the Mondo 2000 History Project for $5 (at least). If we don’t make it, we don’t do it.

R.U. Sirius

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