Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eat KFC & Save Boobs

Robert Sterling

Some people want to help find a cure for breast cancer. Other people just want to get really fat eating large amounts of fried food. KFC thought about this either/or duality, and asked: "Why choose?"

In the second coolest move they've done this month, Kentucky Fried Chicken has teamed with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to create Buckets for the Cure. (Sorry, but making a sandwich with fried chicken as the bread is still more awesome than battling breast cancer.) For each pink bucket of tasty fried chicken sold, KFC will donate fifty cents to the foundation, as part of a record single donation of $8.5 million. Doing the math, that's 17 million tubs of gooey bird meat.

Of course, already there are uptight do-gooders whining this exploits the scourge of breast cancer as a sleazy plug for unhealthy fast food. Oh yeah? Well, go back to your Tofu Hut and see how much money you raise, you women haters...


Buckets for the Cure

"KFC wants you to help end breast cancer by buying a bucket of obesity-inducing, heart-attack crap food"

"KFC's new sandwich replaces bun with... chicken"

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