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The Most Mysterious State Park in Minnesota: ‘Little people and UFOs’?

Jeffery Pritchett Marianna Paranormal Examiner
March 22nd, 2011

In the far northwest corner of Minnesota is one of the state’s most obscure state parks, Lake Bronson State Park. It’s the home of what may be the world’s largest jack pine, some lovely prairie intermixed with scattered oak-aspen savanna, a sparkling lake -- and fairies?

You know, the “real” kind of fairies -- those mythical little folks with seemingly magical powers, who seem to exist in a hazy world possibly only tangential to ours, just on the other side of the mystical “veil.”

One man claims to have sighted what he calls a “colony” of “elementals.” And elemental is a variety of fairy-like creature. He says they have a “fairy mound” not far from the park’s legendary jack pine. In fairy lore, a fairy mound indicates a home base, of sorts, for fairies or elves. Minnesota resident Jubal Cranch said he doesn’t want people to think he’s wacky, but his experience with Lake Bronson fairies changed his life, he claims.

In fact, his story is so extraordinary, it has been documented in a short novel, “The Fairy Redemption of Jubal Cranch.” Mr. Cranch was not involved in writing the book, he said, and receives no income from it. He told his story to Minnesota journalist Ken Korczak. Korczak said the last thing Jubal wants is publicity or to cash in on the story.

“This is just something that happened to him,” Korczak said. “He wanted to tell his story to someone. He’s happy with the short book I wrote about his fairy encounter. He just thinks the world should know that, in his opinion, fairies are real.”

Many writers and thinkers today have made the case that the traditional “little folk” of so-called myth are actually the very same “little green men” of modern UFO lore. And yes, there have been a number of UFO sightings in and around Lake Bronson State Park.

It was the late 1950s and Ted Lockman said that he was parking by the lake with his girlfriend in his Pontiac, when they got the fright of their life. Silver disk-shaped UFO rose out of the water of the little lake, and serenely sailed off into the moonlight.

“Neither my girlfriend or I were drinking or on anything at all,” Lockman recalls. “We were sitting there, you know, mind our own business, or I should say, minding each other’s business, when this things just sprouts out of the lake. It didn’t make a sound. It glinted silver in the moonlight. We were stunned!”

The mysteries of Lake Bronson State Park have not caught on, making it a Mecca for the paranormal, perhaps like Loch Ness. Local residents don’t like to talk about “strange goings on” within the park. Some will get upset if you mention it. This area of mostly small town, conservative folk of Lutheran Scandinavian descent, deal with such things like they always have -- just shut up about it.

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