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The Disinformation Company Presents a Starling, Must-See Documentary Offering a Complex Exploration of the Great Threat Currently Facing America: OBESITY

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NEW YORK, NY — Anyone wondering what may be the greatest threat facing our nation need not, these days, look any further than their waistlines. Obesity is fast becoming the single greatest killer of Americans, causing some experts to claim that we are on the cusp of an evolutionary disaster. The rates of obesity in the United States are climbing at an alarming pace, with 75 percent of Americans projected to be overweight or obese within a decade. This month, the startling and highly acclaimed, feature-length documentary KILLER AT LARGE uncovers this deadly epidemic, systematically and thoroughly examining its causes and calling for thoughtful solutions to reverse this shocking trend.

When asked what the most pressing issue is in America today, former Surgeon General Richard Carmona responds: "Obesity, because obesity is a terror within. It is destroying our society from within and unless we do something about it, the magnitude of the dilemma will dwarf 9/11 or any other terrorist event that you can point out to me." According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, obesity and its related illnesses cost taxpayers $117 billion in 2002 alone, and are estimated to kill more than 100,000 Americans each year. With many obesity experts declaring, "This may be the first generation of children to have a shorter life expectancy than that of their parents," KILLER AT LARGE provides a sobering perspective on the most pressing health issues of our time.

Why is Brooke, morbidly obese at age 12, receiving liposuction? This award-winning documentary brings to the table the myriad of factors causing the obesity epidemic: diet, exercise, culture, the role of sleep, stress physiology, school lunch programs, lack of government intervention and lethal government subsidies for corn, beef and butter that encourage the production of cheap, processed and fast foods. But KILLER AT LARGE doesn't stop there — this compelling documentary also serves as a call to arms for concerned parents, school districts, elected officials, health professionals, and entire communities to empower themselves in reversing this deadly trend.

KILLER AT LARGE features informative interviews and footage of numerous public figures discussing both the politics and the causes and effects of obesity, including former President Bill Clinton, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, filmmaker Neil LaBute, Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Mike Huckabee and bestselling authors Michael Pollan, Chef Ann Cooper, and Dr. Brian Wansink, among many others.

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KILLER AT LARGE: Why Obsesity is America's Great Threat

Genre: Documentary

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Running Time: 102 mins. + 80 mins. bonus footage

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