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Felix Cane, Pole Dancer News

Felix Cane: Zumanity on the Tonight Show, Miss Pole Dance World 2009

Zumanity on the Tonight Show

In case you wasn't aware, Zumanity (the Cirque du Soleil show I'm in) recently performed my entire act on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian. This was a huge boost for Zumanity as the Tonight Show is watch by millions of people around the US and the world.

I have embedded the video from the show on my website for everyone to enjoy:

Wow! What an amazing experience this competition turned out to be. I will try to cover as much as I can starting with my arrival in Kingston, Jamaica…

I arrived at 7pm on Sunday 19th of May very tired and very stressed about my visa. My appointment with the US Embassy was scheduled for 12pm on the following Monday morning.

Being stuck in Mexico for the week before leaving to go to Jamaica meant that I had not had time to organize a costume for the competition. So I had brought with me some glue, stick on gems, a pair or fish-nets, a halterneck bra and some hot-pants. That Sunday night was spent frantically trying to fashion a beautiful costume out of some old knickers!! Please view the photos and let me know what you think!

The next day the visa was approved and after that I travelled up to Runaway Bay just next to Ocho Rios and checked into Hendonism III. Right from the minute I stepped onto the property all my stresses and worries evaporated in the Jamaican sun. It was amazing! The wonderful people at Pole Passion made me feel so welcome and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by pole enthusiasts from all over the world.

I met the most fantastic people and made some beautiful new friends. All of the competetors had almost a week before the competition to get to know each other and exchange tips and tricks. I had an absolute blast.

Then the night of the Miss Pole Dance World competition everyone was really nervous – I could feel my heart pounding in my shoes! Luckily I had Chris there to calm me down and reassure me that I wouldn’t all of a sudden forget how to pole dance or fall off the pole and onto my head! The girls were amazing!! What a talented bunch we are. There were a million new moves and such fantastic creativity and strength. I didn’t envy the judges at all that night it would have been such a hard job.

They took their sweet time to announce the winners and by the time they got to first place I was nearly dying with nerves! When they announced my name I almost fell over I was so thrilled!

I want to thank Pole Passion, Hendonism III, Bobbi’s Pole Studio and my wonderful Christopher for supporting me and for making the Miss Pole Dance World competition possible.

All my love




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