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The Gospel According to Acharya S

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The Gospel According to Acharya S

"The most truthful piece of spiritual writing I've ever read!"

"I just read your essay titled, 'What is God?' and I'd like to tell you that I found it the most truthful piece of spiritual writing I have ever read. So concise, a real stimulation unhindered by myth, parable and occult symbolism."

Steve R., Australia

When I first wrote these essays in the early 90s, those who read them thought they were revolutionary--and unpublishable. The publishing industry back then was such that if you did not have a publisher of significance-and there were relatively few--you could expect to sell a handful of copies and to remain obscure and unknown. Writers were at the mercy of overburdened editors and their massive slush piles. Once the internet became fairly popular, however, revolutionary writings such as these found a home, as did eventually also the world of small publishing using print-on-demand. The internet is the great equalizer, as self-published or small publisher books compete side by side with the big-name companies, and a controversial book like this one becomes a feasible project. What you are holding, therefore, is something that would have been difficult if not impossible to create and propagate just a couple of decades ago. In the future, with the push for censorship as concerns religious cults, such a book may again become nonviable, banned and burned. In this regard, read it while you can, before it is put on the Index of the next Inquisition!

What Is God?
Is God a giant man in the sky? Does God exist?

Belief in God
Is belief in God is righteous, or ignorance of truth?

Praising the Lord
Does God need to be praised? Does He need to be worshipped?

Egotists on Earth
Should spiritual leaders be worshipped? Is God the ultimate egotist?

Speaking for God
Does anyone speak for God? Who?

God's Word
Is the Bible God's Word? Is there a Holy Land?

On Being Religious
Is being religious righteous and moral?

On a Wing and a Prayer
Does prayer really work? What is prayer?

Born in Sin?
What is sin? Are we all born in sin?

Eternal Life for Everyone?
Are we all immortal? Is everyone God?

Holy Days
Are holidays really holy? Did God establish them? Are they set in stone?

The Origins of Good and Evil
What are the origins of good and evil? Is there a good god and an evil devil?

The Devil is Divine
Where did the Devil come from? Who created the Devil and evil? Was it God or man?

Prophecy or Blueprint?
Is the Bible a book of prophecy? Have biblical prophecies been fulfilled?

Is Cannibalism a Religious Experience?
"He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him." Jesus Christ

What is a Cult?
Is a cult a religion? Is the Catholic Church a cult? Is the IRS?

Is God a Transsexual?
"God" was once "Goddess." Did He have a sex change?

Abusing Women is Not Religion
Is abusing women "religion?" Women the world over are beaten, tortured and killed in the name of religion.

A Question of Free Will
Do we have free will? Must we give our will to God? If we do, is it really "free?"

Celebration of Life
What is the purpose in life? Let us celebrate our existence.

A Truly Sacred Scripture
What is a "sacred scripture" or a "holy text?"


"The Gospel According to Acharya S has over 130 illustrations!"

"This 'Purple Bible' is the antidote to the world's insanity-producing 'holy scriptures!'"

Be sure to check out all the great excerpts below--and remember, the book is fully illustrated, with inline illustrations right next to the text!

At 204 pages, this 5x8 book is an easy read-and the perfect size for toting around.

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
What is meant by "Gospel?"
Armageddon Sick of It!
An "Atheist" Here to Destroy?
What is God?
"God" is the Life Force
The Cosmic Mind
True Spirituality
"God" has No Form or Gender
The Ego, Consciousness and Enlightenment
Perceiving the Divine
Belief in God
Belief Proves Nothing - Truth Must Be Known
Belief Causes Turmoil
Praising the Lord
Is Kissing Arse a Religious Experience?
Is God a Megalomaniac?
God is a Murderous Tyrant!
God is a Deranged Crackpot
Enlightened Behavior
Egotists on Earth
Surrendering to the Master
Many "Masters" are but Egotists
Speaking for God
Omnipresence has No Spokespeople
Disagree, Go to Hell
Everybody Speaks for "God"
God's Word
Books are Written by MEN
Superior? Chosen? Arrogant! Conceited!
Is God a Jewish or Arab Man?
There are No "Chosen" People or "Superior" Races
On Being Religious
Do Pompous Pride and Religiosity Go Together?
Being a Zombie is Not a Religious Experience
On a Wing and a Prayer
Is Begging a Religious Experience?
Does God Like Begging?
We are Buddhas, Not Beggars
Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz?
What is "True Prayer?"
Is God a Sadist?
Born in Sin?
The Sin of Adam
Sinners or Not?
Eternal Life for Everyone?
Divine Qualities are Not Restricted to the Divine
Join the Crowd-Everyone is God
Uncle Harry is Immortal!
Holy Days
Look to the Stars - "Religion" is Based on Astrotheology
The Origins of Good and Evil
Narrow Perceptions Represent Bigotry
True Wisdom can be Found Anywhere, Not Just in Some Old Book
"Religions" are Recycled Myths
Abraham is Brahma? Moses is Dionysus?
God and the Devil are One
"Evil" is Subjective
Horus and Set-Sound Familiar?
The Devil is Divine
The Origin of Evil
How Religions are Made
The Origin of the Words "Devil" and "Demon"
In God's Name-Not the Devil's
Prophecy or Blueprint?
The Bible
A Blueprint for Destruction
Israel - God Gets His Favorite Vacation Spot Back
Was Chernobyl a Can of Worms?
The Mark of the Beast & 666-an Evil Conspiracy?
Since When is Building a Building "Fulfillment of Prophecy?"
Peace on Earth Requires Clarity of Perception, Not Belief
Is Cannibalism a Religious Experience?
The Eucharist
Jewish Ritual Sacrifice
Cannibalism in the Bible
Murderous Rampages
Moral Behavior of God’s "Chosen"
The "Good" Patriarchs
What Does God Do with All the Foreskins?
The Good Book - Does it Produce Morality?
Is the New Testament Exempt from Moral Turpitude?
What is a Cult?
The Definition of Cult
Governmental Bodies Guilty of "Religious Veneration?"
The Catholic Church is More of a Cult than the Moonies
Mainstream Groups Use Cultlike Brainwashing Techniques
Isolate and Conquer
Rome Fiddles While the World Burns
"Cult" is Often Simply Name-Calling
Is God a Transsexual?
Believers are No More Religious than Nonbelievers
When God was a Woman
Nothing New Under the Sun
No Proof that "Great Spirit" is a Man
"Holy War" is Not Holy
Abusing Women is Not Religion
"Religions" Represent Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Torture
Burning Women is Not Sacred
Genital Mutilation is Not Holy
Ankles are a Sexual Turn-on?!
There is Nothing Religious About Depravity
"God" is Not a Man-Get It?!!
A Question of Free Will
Obey Your Masters!
Slaves of Allah
Is God Negligent?
Celebration of Life
When are Human Beings at Their Best?
Humans Can Be Radiant and Superb
A Truly Sacred Scripture

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