Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Interview: Former DEA agent Celerino 'Cele' Castillo

Vietnam veteran and former DEA agent Celerino 'Cele' Castillo III is getting ready to serve a 22 month jail sentence. Listen to Cele tell his side of the story in this exclusive telephone interview with Kevin Booth, recorded July 15, 2009.

MP3 Link: http://www.sacredcow.com/cele_715.mp3

Cele needs all the media attention he can get, so please pass this on to whoever you can. You can donate to Cele's legal fund at his website - http://powderburns.info

This is only the latest twist in the long story of Cele's life, known to many from "American Drug War" and his auto-biography "Powderburns". For more info on the case, read Bill Conroy's report from The Narcoshpere on NarcoNews.com:


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