Saturday, January 30, 2010

FeedBack: Fish oil

FeedBack: Fish oil may really be an 'elixir of youth'

Brought to you by the fish industry! ;-) The only true anti-aging and anti-cancer elixir is a 100% RAW FOOD DIET. The body was designed to only eat raw foods, which contain all of the enzymes within them to digest those very foods. When the body eats cooked food, not only do the white blood cells of the body rush to the stomach to attack the "poison" that it doesn't recognize (thus leading to people getting sleepy after eating), but also the body has to use up its own limited supply of enzymes to digest the food that was just ingested... thus leading to aging. Also, cancer cells can not exist in the presence of oxygen... and cooked food has all of the oxygen cooked out of it. Raw food still has its oxygen intact. Anybody selling an "elixir of youth" that is outside of these "raw food" facts is selling you a pile of BS.

Scott Rose

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