Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helping Haiti

Earthquake hits Haiti – help urgently needed

A major earthquake has struck Haiti's capital city of Port-Au-Prince. It is a catastrophe of major proportions. Multiple buildings have collapsed, including a hospital, a hotel, and the UN building.

Oxfam has over three decades of experience in Haiti, and we have rushed in teams from around the region to respond to the situation where our assistance is most needed. We are providing clean water, shelter and sanitation and helping people recover – your donation will go immediately to the most critical needs in Haiti, and we will ensure that every penny is used wisely.

Please make a generous tax-deductible gift right now to the Haiti Earthquake Response Fund and help us save lives.


Other options:

Jennifer L. of Santa Cruz, CA: Donate through Wyclef Jean's foundation, Yele Haiti. Text "Yele" to 501501 and $5 will be charged to your phone bill and given to relief projects through the organization.

Alexandra "Chica" Bruce: The Red Cross is good, in my experience. For those interested in helping Haiti immediately, simply text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill. Please help, and pray for Haiti!

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