Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hottest Videogame Franchise: Rock Band

While Guitar Hero has betrayed its fanbase with bad versions featuring Van Halen (no to Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, but yes to Wolfgang?) and Napster whiners Metallica, Rock Band has featured The Beatles and Green Day in two excellent games. But perhaps the clincher in how awesome the game is comes thanks to Lego Rock Band, which featured a Legos Queen in full "We Will Rock You" glory...

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Mike said...

Harmonix were the ones who originally came up with Guitar Hero, after Guitar Hero 2, they sold the right to Activision, so anything starting with the 80's version of the game was not the original company.

While I like Metallica and Van Halen, I think Activision did the game and the genre a disservice.

Personally, I think the genre is dying, even with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Rock Band 3 and Rock Band: Green Day all coming out, I honestly think the genre will never reclaim the glory it had from Guitar 3 until Rock Band: Beatles. I am currently writing a post why on my blog, D Pad D Bags, you are welcome to check it out, and I will let you know when I explain why the genre is dying.