Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique
Jaye Beldo

A friend recently recommended trying a rather unorthodox acupressure technique developed by Gary Craig called Emotional Freedom Technique. The technique consists of tapping various points such as the corner of the eye, beneath the eye, beneath the nose, above and under the lips etc. with one's finger, all the while voicing affirmations such as, "Even though I have a fear of scuba diving, I love and accept myself unconditionally." While initially skeptical of EFT, I soon afterwards became convinced of its effectiveness for I had used the scuba affirmation during a recent trip to Mexico, where I had enrolled in a PADI certification course with great trepidation. As a result, I overcame every fear that I had and enjoyed several 60 ft. deep dives in the beautiful barrier reef off the coast of Xcalak. That was pretty much all the confirmation I needed in regards to EFT actually working, considering the enormity of the fear my mind had managed to generate. Thus inspired/convinced, I invested in the entire EFT Key Foundational Library series of DVDs which demonstrates such things as using EFT to overcome addiction, low self-esteem and also how to address health related issues. The DVDs are quite user-friendly and understandable, in regards to the clear and comprehensible demonstrations of EFTs various applications.

EFT has many potentials for not only overcoming fears, but things that block us in regards to our emotional health and well-being-whether they are psychological or somatic or both. So far I have used the technique to improve my abilities to concentrate, maintain my energy levels throughout the day and let go of things held onto in the past that are no longer conducive to growth. Overall, I find myself being more and more present and connected with my immediate surroundings-a very important component, no matter what you are addressing- whether it be a fear of flying or of mathematics. If we're fully present, our awareness is greatly enhanced-we can get to the source of our fears and blocks, addressing the root causes of them instead of surface symptoms. We can prevent falling into destructive patterns whether they be those of addiction or negative, defeating belief systems. It is with this in mind that I highly recommend EFT. If you cannot afford the entire series there are YouTube demos that are sufficient enough for learning this very useful technique. Also consider subscribing to the EFT newsletter at There you will glean much useful information. As an example, I recently was forwarded an EFT newsletter that addressed obesity and abundance. Through EFT one can uncover the roots of the "there never is enough" belief system which usually has its roots in not having needs met in childhood- but which still linger in the background memory, creating a perpetual fear of scarcity which then fuels overeating. Using similar affirmations found in this newsletter has enabled me to overcome such things and I already notice the pounds dropping off since I've managed to overcome a peculiar habit of sleep eating, where I wake up in the middle of the night, eat and then go back to bed with unburned calories heading straight for my girth. Repeated use of EFT combined with the affirmations has enabled me to break this habit within a matter of a few days. There really are no limits to how EFT can be applied and this once skeptical reviewer now recommends investing in this DVD series for long term health and emotional well being.

So far, the only qualm I have about the EFT series is that it is stated that the DVDs can be freely copied without any ensuing infringement violations, yet put it on an obscure DVD format that only someone highly knowledgeable/specialized could ever figure out how to copy and burn from. Such a tactic causes me to suspect that they really don't want this series to be distributed freely as they claim they do. If they had burned these DVDs on regular DVD discs they would have been true to their word. My primary reason for investing in the series in the first place was so that I could make copies to give to my friends who otherwise could not afford them.

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Erika said...

Emotional Freedom Technique is absolutely amazing. I have used it to create one miracle after another for myself, and now I use it to help other people create miracles also ...

Thanks for this helpful post. I'm always excited to find other people who've discovered how well it works.