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HRC activists and their allies across the country will be meeting with their lawmakers when Congress returns home in August and early September.



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1. Many so-called "health foods" are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that actually stimulate you to gain more belly fat... yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.

2. Ab exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines are the LEAST effective method of getting flat six pack abs. We'll explore what types of exercises REALLY work in a minute.

3. Boring repetitive cardio exercise routines are NOT the best way to lose body fat and uncover those six pack abs. I'll show you the exact types of unique workouts that produce 10x better results below.

4. You DON'T need to waste your money on expensive "extreme fat burner" pills (that don't work) or other bogus supplements. A special class of natural foods is much more effective. I'll tell you about these natural foods and their powers below.

5. Ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks... they're all a complete waste of your time and money. Despite the misleading infomercials, the perfectly chiseled fitness models in the commercials did NOT get their perfect body by using that "ab contraption"... they got their perfect body through REAL workouts and REAL nutrition strategies. Again, you'll learn some of their secrets and what really works below.

Here's the REAL TRUTH About Losing Stubborn Belly Fat and Getting a Flat Stomach...


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Hey guys, my name's Mark from Houston, Texas. I'm writing this blog entry to tell you guys how I finally got completely ripped after years of trying every supplement and workout known to man. I must have wasted thousands of dollars on protein powders and creatine that only made me look more and more bloated. I busted my ass at the gym for 2 hours a day, tried fancy workout programs and I still couldn't achieve that ripped look that others had achieved. Little did I know, the products that help people get truly ripped are available for free* and easy for anyone to use.

I will explain how I used them below, but first check out how much my body has changed within one month.

My amazing tansformation after using Max Xtreme and Extreme Detox for 4 weeks

The Role Hollywood Played in Helping Me Get Cut

I'm not gonna lie... the way I found out about this was a little bit lucky. My buddy Brian and I were sitting in a local restaurant downing a couple of chicken burritos and I noticed this guy that trains at my gym sitting at the next table. He's probably one of the most in shape guys I've ever seen, but I really never noticed him working out that hard (which I always thought was weird). Anyway, I overheard his friend talking to him about how ripped the actors were in all these new action and supehero movies that have been coming out. His friend was saying they must have done some crazy new designer workout. But the guy from my gym just shook his head and said, "No bro. I know for a fact that it wasn't so much the insane workouts they did, but the supplements they were using." Then he goes, "What do you think I've been using? The same stuff."

He went on to say that everyone thought it was some special workout, but he knew one of the trainers all the big actors in Hollywood use and the guy told him that they were using these breakthrough bio-engineered supplements called Max Xtreme and Extreme Detox. He said there was no way they could have gotten that ripped in that short of time from just lifting, especially with their tight schedule, so they turned to these new bio-engineered supplements. You bet your ass I made a note of those products right then and there.

My 4 Week Journey To Getting Ripped

Armed with this new information, I went online to do a little checking myself. I knew the guy from my gym had probably the best body in the gym (not being weird about it) and his body was certainly good proof in and of itself, but I still wanted to check things out for myself.

What I found is that this guy was right on the money. These products are reported to be used by many actors and actresses in Hollywood and they've known about them for years. But that wasn't the exciting part. I figured these products would be well over $100 per month each. I couldn't believe it when they were offerring risk-free* trials. Apparently, these companies want to get their products out in the public so they offer risk-free* trials for a limited time to get the word of mouth going.

I snatched both of them up immediately and started doing a little experimenting. It took me a while to find the exact combination of when to take each product, but once I did, it literally took me 4 weeks to go from just in shape to completely ripped. Within the first week, my abs started to show through and I got an amazing shape to my shoulders and back. My skin just "felt tighter" on my body and that made all of my muscle kind of pop out. Needless to say, my girlfriend was loving it, and that led to me gettin a little more if you know what I mean. My buddy (who was in horrible shape) started using Max Xtreme and Extreme Detox too and he lost almost 12 lbs in those 4 weeks - went from wearing a 38 waist to a 34 waist and hardly even worked out. He was kinda pissed he had to buy new clothes. HA! He did help me design this site though so thanks bro. The combination of these 2 products really helps you add lean muscle, plain and simple.

Trust me guys, these things DO work. Check out my results again if you want some more inspiration.


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Liberal Blog Advertising Network

With over a hundred and fifty blogs and several million page views every day, if you want your ads to reach the influential people who forge the national progressive zeitgeist, this is the network for you, bar none.

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"[T]he Democratic Party cannot win major national elections without the netroots."
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"[T]he netroots now rank alongside [unions and interest groups]."
-The National Review

"[L]iberal bloggers [have] quickly become a formidable constituency in Democratic politics."
-The New Republic

"Now that the Netroots' power has been cemented, any Democratic presidential candidate will have to consider how to woo these Internet activists."

LBAN's readers are online hyper-influentials. According to a 2007 blog reader survey, LBAN readers are hyper-engaged online -- 61% leave comments, 68% spend five or more hours a week reading blogs, and 21% have their own blogs. And they're hyper-engaged offline: 90% voted in 2006, 81% have written or called an elected official and 70% have donated onlined in the last six months to a cause or campaign. 78% have college degrees and 53% make more than $75,000 a year.


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