Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Coolest Athletes of All Time

Sure, they excluded Joe Cool himself, Joe Montana, and there's some other notable snubs: Rickey Henderson in baseball, Bird, Magic and Kareem in basketball, and John McEnroe and Andre Aggasi in tennis. Still, Gentleman's Quarterly does a great job listing the 25 coolest athletes of all time:

Muhammad Ali
Mario Andretti
Arthur Ashe
George Best
Bjorn Borg
Tom Brady
Jim Brown
Julius Erving
Walt Frazier
Bob Gibson
Allen Iverson
Bo Jackson
Michael Jordan
Jean-Claude Killy
Evel Knievel
Tim Lincecum
Pete Maravich
Joe Namath
Arnold Palmer
Gary Player
Derek Sanderson
Kelly Slater
Ken Stabler
Ted Turner

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