Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DiGiorno Pizza and Nestle Toll House Cookies

Lam also has a funny review of the new pizza and cookies combo being sold by DiGiorno, a combo worth 2,000 calories of pizza and 1,500 of Toll House:

"I don't spend very much time in front of supermarket freezers these days, so I found the rows of frozen pizzas completely mesmerizing. I greeted old brands like old friends: Ellio's, Totino's, Jeno's... I pictured my mother parking her shopping cart in front of the case and piling up whichever one was on 79-cent special. I mentally tasted each one, remembering them all. Also, 'Private Eyes' was playing over the P.A., and I'll admit I stuck around even longer just to hear the exhilarating sounds of Hall and Oates...

I decided to start reading the ingredients while nibbling on more of the crust and waiting for the cheese to be less than nuclear-hot. I saw no mention of 'sausage' in the ingredients, but I did see something called 'cooked seasoned pizza topping.' And, for a second, I felt bad for the food scientist that came up with cooked seasoned pizza topping, because I'm sure at some point she was incredibly proud of her ability to come up with some unearthly cheap sausage for this product, only to have the lawyers tell her, 'Well, sorry, but we're going to have to call it cooked seasoned pizza topping, because the government, which allows us to call Vienna Sausages sausages, won't let us use that word to describe whatever the hell you just came up with.'

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DiGiorno frozen pizza and cookie dough, together at last
Francis Lam
Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011

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