Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sarah Palin Steampunk Comic

A comic book starring Sarah Palin in a futuristic universe has been released, and whether you love her or hate her, it looks like a hoot.

In Steampunk Palin, Sarah proposes to use steam energy as a replacement for oil and nuclear power. The nuke and oil industries respond by blowing her up. Fortunately, she survives thanks to cyborg technology, which apparently includes silicon in her already awesome boobs. Armed with hi-tech weaponry and massive jugs, the half-robot Palin battles the evil mastermind behind the oil-nuke conglomerate (spoil alert) Al Gore. As Gore puts it: "Who were you expecting, Sarah, George Bush? It should have been obvious from the start that it would come to this... After winning the Academy Award and Nobel Peace Prize, I found out I love money, I love having power and influence over people, and all those alternative energy sources I kept touting are PATHETIC!"

The story is only fifteen pages long, but fortunately they also include eight pages of pin-up fantasy drawings. If they ever adapt this to film, I nominate Eva Angelina to play her...

'Steampunk Palin' Comic More Insane Than You Imagined
Jan 20th 2011
Chris Murphy

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