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Amityville Horror - A Government Hoax

Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized, forcibly medicated, or murdered.



I'm writing to inform you that the Amityville Horror experienced by the Lutz family was a hoax created by a secret element of the United States government. The Lutz family did experience an extraordinary event but it was not a supernatural event.

The United States government developed classified sonic harassment technology that can be used to trick people into believing their house is haunted. The technology produces a beam of sound (what can be described as a sonic laser) that will pass through walls of houses without causing any damage to the houses. The beam of sound can be audible (within human hearing range), ultrasonic (above the human hearing range), or infrasonic (below the human hearing range). This technology has existed since the 1950's.

A person attacked with this sonic harassment technology will experience any of the following:
1) Hearing voices or noises that no one else can hear.
2) Feeling the presence of a spirit or ghost.
3) Waking up at certain times of the night at regular intervals.
4) Bad dreams or nightmares.
5) Loud sounds that appear to come from rooms of a house.
6) Low frequency rumbling noises that appear to come from outside a house.
7) Jolts to limbs of the body

The sonic harassment technology is operated from inside a neighboring house to a targeted household. The beam of sound generated by the sonic device will travel through the walls of each house without causing any damage to either house. A single person in the targeted household can be targeted or the entire family can be targeted one at a time. A person attacked by this technology can easily mistake what he is sensing as a supernatural experience when in fact its just technology used against him.

The weapon is targeted by technology called through wall imaging technology. The imaging technology uses the body heat of the human body to generate images of people behind walls of a house. The imaging technology is like X-Ray vision. Targeting scopes have been developed that can accurately identify and target a person through a wall of a house.

Agents of the secret government will covertly move into a neighboring house to the targeted household. The agents will conduct surveillance of the targeted household. The agents can electronically hear and see through walls of the targeted neighboring house. They will study the targeted family and learn how the family functions. The agents normally target families that are Christian with strong religious beliefs.

Since all the classified technology is operated from inside the neighboring house, the targeted family will notice nothing out of the ordinary. After the agents finish the surveillance of the household, they will use the sonic harassment technology to trick the family into believing their house is haunted.

They will use the sonic harassment technology to awake certain family members at regular intervals during the night. The technology can project audible sounds at a single person in a house. The agents can target the head of a targeted person while sleeping to create nightmares. Ultrasound passing through the skull bone at the top of the head can restrict blood flow in the brain causing strange dreams and hallucinations. Ultrasound passing through the legs can produce burning sensations in the legs. Jolts to limbs of the body can be produced by passing powerful ultrasonic bullets through the limbs of the body. Showing a person with ultrasound can create the sensation of feeling the presence of a spirit. Low frequency rumbling can be produced by powerful sonic projection technology.

The secret government has developed an arsenal of these sonic harassment devices. Again none of these sonic devices used against a person in a targeted household leaves any physical evidence behind after an attack. What most people experience in these popular haunted house stories and possessions may in fact be classified sonic harassment technology being used against them from inside a neighboring house. It's not supernatural but technology that has existed since the 1950's.

The most famous scene in the Amityville Horror is of a priest blessing a room of the house and hears a voice telling him to get out and then receives a slap to the face by an invisible force. This was not a supernatural entity but rather classified sonic harassment technology. Sonic projection technology is used to project the audible message "Get Out" and then an infrasonic bullet if fired into the side of the priest's face. The priest is targeted with classified through wall imaging technology from a neighboring house. This will seem like a supernatural event to the priest but it's only classified sonic harassment technology.

The secret government of the United States has spent millions of dollars developing this technology. It is used for social engineering. Basically the secret government creates hoaxes across America. These hoaxes, such as haunted houses, distract attention of the American people. The secret government wishes to distract the attention of the American people from social issues.

The secret government decided to use the DeFeo family tragedy to create a hoax by tricking the Lutz family into believing their house was haunted. Agents of the secret government gained access to a neighboring house to the Lutz's house in Amityville and used the classified sonic harassment technology against them in 1975.

-----------DeFeo Family Murders – A Government Hit?------------------------

A secret element of the United States government equips secret police groups (agents) across America with classified surveillance and harassment technology to implement a secret domestic agenda. This domestic agenda involves social engineering of the American people. This social agenda involves domestic spying, creating hoaxes, tragedy, and targeting organized crime and gangs. This is a covert domestic operation that has been occurring since the late 1960's.

The Lutz family's story of an extraordinary event that occurred in 1975 in Amityville indicates that they were targeted by sonic harassment technology. Their complaints of being harassed by an invisible force in their home is exactly what people attacked by classified sonic harassment technology would experience. See "Amityville Horror a government hoax" listed above for more information.

I originally thought that the secret government used the DeFeo tragedy to create a hoax by moving into a neighboring house to the Lutz's after the DeFeo tragedy and tricking the Lutz family into believing they were being haunted by a supernatural force.

After reading the Ronnie DeFeo Jr. parole hearing transcripts, I am wondering if the surveillance of the Amityville Horror house began while the DeFeo family owned the house. Since the DeFeo family was involved in organized crime, they would have been a prime candidate for covert surveillance by the secret government of the United States.

The secret government targets members of organized crime by covertly moving into a house near a targeted household that are engaged in illegal activities involving organized crime. The government agents are equipped with classified surveillance technology that can electronically see and hear through walls. This technology allows the agents to setup in a neighboring house to see and hear right through the walls of the targeted household. There is no privacy from this technology in a typical household. A targeted person can be seen and heard through the walls of his house in any room he may be in. All conversations can be heard and recorded for later analysis.

The agents study every aspect of the targeted person or family in their home. In addition to home surveillance, the agents follow a targeted person to his workplace and rent a suite as close to the targeted person's workplace as possible. Classified surveillance technology is moved into the suite to conduct workplace surveillance of the targeted person.

The targeted person is placed under surveillance in both his home and workplace. This surveillance can last for months or even years. The targeted person or family will never know they are under surveillance. The classified surveillance technology can't be detected by the person under surveillance. The agents can see the targeted person through walls but the targeted person can't see them.

This type of surveillance is used to go after members of organized crime to bring them down. No warrant is needed because the government agents are operating above the law. The agents will find a way to setup and bring the crime members to justice without compromising the covert surveillance operation.

The secret government agents also create tragedy in certain circumstances to socially engineer American society. A fictional example of creating tragedy would be to study a targeted family and learn everything about the family and pick one family member who is mentally unstable and use him as a patsy.

Agents operating in a neighboring house that are conducting 24 hour a day surveillance of the targeted household, initiate an assassination plot when the patsy leaves the house. Agents storm the household and murder all family members with a rifle belonging to the patsy. After all family members in the house are murdered the murder weapon is left in the house.

When the patsy returns home and finds his family murdered and his rifle in clear view he panics and cleans up the crime scene and disposes of the weapon. The patsy now suspects organized crime has assassinated his family and has set him up to take the fall.

The secret government uses a patsy that when people hear he has committed a terrible crime there will be little doubt in the public's mind that he is responsible. The secret government agents carefully plan and execute a plot such as this. These government agents are professionals that don't make mistakes.

Could Ronnie DeFeo be a pasty? He seems to deny at times at his parole hearings that he had anything to do with the murder of his family.

Reasons to suspect that the secret government created the Amityville Horror saga: The DeFeo family having organized crime connections. Ronnie DeFeo Jr. claiming to have heard voices telling him to kill his family would indicate that classified sonic projection technology was used to send him audible messages through the walls of his home. See previous post listed above. The method the DeFeo family was murdered would indicate that more than one person was responsible. Ronnie DeFeo Jr. at times denies he has any involvement in the murders and claims it was organized crime. The priest who blessed the house for the Lutz family heard a voice telling him to get out and then received a slap to the face by an invisible entity. This voice and slap is created by classified sonic sound projection technology and an infrasonic bullet colliding with the priest's face. The Lutz family experiencing supernatural events after they move into the house. The supernatural events are the same as a person would experience after being attacked with classified sonic harassment technology.

The Amityville Horror saga could be the crown jewel of the secret government's social engineering of America.

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