Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cannabis Colas!!!

New Kushtown Sodas!
August 3, 2010

We got a new batch of Kushtown Sodas in today – 800x Strength
11 different flavors to choose from…

ONLY $12.00 each while supplies last!

Flavors Include

•Bubba’s Old Fashion Rootbeer

•Granddaddy Puple Grape Soda

•Strawberry Cough Soda

•Orange Wreck Soda

•Kushtown Kola

•Pure Kush Energy Drink

•Pineapple Express Soda

•Professor Kush

•OG Kush Fuel

•LA Confidential Fuel

•Jack Herer Hemperors Lemonade

1 comment:

Hydrodood said...

Tried these from a dispensary in the San Fernando Valley. They were bomb!!!