Friday, August 7, 2009

Man v. Food

Robalini's Note: While Richard Metzger was in the last stages of editing season two of Disinfo Nation, I mentioned how I always wanted to do the 72 oz Big Texan Steak Ranch challenge in Amarillo, TX. Metzger, showing his usual savy nature of being ahead of the curve, was tempted to fly me to Texas and film it right there, but time and budget restraints caused him to wait for the never filmed season three.

Had we done it, we not only would've trumped this cool show buy eight years, but we probably would've out-Jackassed Jackass...

Man v. Food - TV Shows - Travel Channel

In Travel Channel's Man v. Food, our host Adam Richman travels around the United States sampling some of America's best cuisine. He'll take on a few food challenges along the way.

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