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Congratulations Gov. Blagojevich

Congratulations Gov. Blagojevich
August 17, 2010
Scott Creighton

I had forgotten why I had been banned at the Huffington Post... now I remember.

"I just got banned from HuffPo and my profile was [wiped-out] so that no one can read my comments.

Not because I am a republican troll. They have plenty of those there, and they let them post some of the most horrible comments I have seen.

I posted no calls for violence, no racist statements, no anti-Semitic comments, no profanity.

They banned me for pointing out what a witch-hunt this Blagojevich thing has become. They banned me because I posted links showing the connection between [Bank] of America and Blago’s demise.

They banned me because I pointed out that Madigan is probably on that list Rahm gave Blago’s people, and that Arianna had gone on TV the night before that came out and flat out claimed that Rahm hadn’t had any connection with Blago’s people."

me, Dec. 16th 2008

Or maybe they banned me because of this...

"I am not going back to Huffington Post. She is getting all kinds of press for her recent article 'Character is Destiny' where she argues that in the end, the character of Rod Blagojevich is what set this in motion. That’s a fascinating theory coming from a 'liberal journalist' who married a homosexual oil tycoon millionaire friend of the Bush family and then settled her plagiarism case out of court, when she stole another writer’s work and put in her book claiming it as her own. Is that 'character' befitting the 'destiny' she has received?"

me, Dec. 13th, 2008

I don’t know… it’s a toss-up. Ah, but I digress.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on only one charge that had been leveled against him, the other 23 charges were dismissed in a mistrial. The judge declared the mistrial so that the case could be tried again.. talk about your double-jeopardy; “Double jeopardy is a procedural defense that forbids a defendant from being tried twice for the same crime on the same set of facts.”

"A federal jury found former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on Tuesday of one count of lying to federal agents, and the judge said he intends to declare a mistrial on the remaining counts.

… The count on which Blagojevich was found guilty included accusations that he lied to federal agents when he said he did not track campaign contributions and kept a “firewall” between political campaigns and government work."


I guess it’s called a “mistrial” when the banks and the corrupt politicians that serve them don’t get the version of “justice” they wanted from the jury. I know this, because that is exactly what happened.

Back in December of 2008, I took up this case, investigating it as much as I could because I could smell something was terribly wrong with what they were trying to do to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The evidence was everywhere and no one, including the left stalwarts like MSNBC and Huffington Post were willing to step up and take a stand for Blago.

They helped railroad Gov. Blagojevich just as much as Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald did. And they did it to support the soon to be anointed President of “CHANGE”. Well, how did all that “change” work out?

Gov. Blagojevich didn’t do anything that every other revolving door politician does these days and the establishment left knows it.

What Blago did do was stand up to Bank of America and threaten to cancel all their state accounts in Illinois… and that they could NOT allow.

The Bank put in a call to Rahm and that was that. The next day, arrests were made.

Think Progress reports that a Chicago reporter has said that it may have been Rahm Emanuel that “tipped off” law enforcement (IE “snitched Blago out”). And now, Obama is also going on record saying “he” personally had no contact with Blago about this issue, but he isn’t saying his staff didn’t… so far… OBAMA: “I had no contact with the governor or his office so we were not…ahh ahhh ahhh… I ..was not aware of what was happening.”

Open Secrets – Bank of America’s PAC donated $10,000 to Rahm Emanuel and $254,167 to Barack Obama. BOA is also a DNC partner

Now here is an article (from HuffPo ironically) about Blago moving to strip Bank of America of state contracts...

"Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich announced Monday that he is asking all Illinois government agencies to suspend business with Bank of America. Blagojevich contended that Bank Of America received a multi-billion dollar bailout from the government and should accordingly restore credit to the Republic Windows & Doors company in Chicago."


What happened here is very simple: after the bailouts, a politician tried to make a stand and hold the banks accountable with our trillions of dollars of bailout money that was supposed to go toward easing credit and starting the lending up again (remember that lie?). So they smacked him down and made an example of him.

Now the people of the jury in the case have spoken and they to get smacked down, their conclusions rejected so that the NARRATIVE of what happened won’t go down in the history books in an accurate representation of what really happened.

I want to congratulate Gov. Blagojevich for this victory. Yes, they will hit you with the biggest penalty they can and yes they will retry the case til they get the results that make history a little easier for Rahm Emanuel and the bankers…

… but in the end, you did your job. You stood with the workers at Republic and you took a stand for what was right. As Gov. of Illinois, you were the highest legal representative of the people of that state and you did your job. Republic workers got their compensation as they deserved and as you stated in your press conference. You paid a high price. One day, one day soon I hope, the people of this country will recognize the sacrifice you made.

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