Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Andromeda Council

The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) distinct representative council member races.

The Council has a non-voting Chairman from the star system Zenetae, planet Tishtae, and a non-voting Vice-Chairwoman from the star system Mirach, planet Terial, both in the Andromeda constellation. The Zenetae star system itself is physically located in the Andromeda Galaxy. These two people, as many on the Andromeda Council, live and vibrate in a 4th dimension/density reality. There is one council member per seat.

Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today. It is said these races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment - the elevated vibration, density, and spiritual consciousness of the 4th dimension.

Members of the Andromeda Council are from the star systems & planets listed below:

1. Star System: Arcturus Planet: Pitolla

2. Star System: Antares Planet: Nikotae

3. Star System: M103 Planet: Legola

4. Star System: Procyon Planet: Kaena

5. Star System: Vega Planet: Percula

6. Star System: Capella Planet: Pershea

7. Star System: Polaris Planet: Ventra

8. Star System: Sirius A Planet: Toleka

9. Star System: Deneb Planet: Ritol

10. Star System: Tau Ceti Planet: Xeta

11. Star System: Alhena Planet: Degaroth

12. Star System: Betelgeuse Planet: Etorth

Members of the Andromeda Council not holding one of the senior, twelve (12) chaired seats hold board positions of: investigation, research, deliberation, and advisement to the Andromeda Council. They do this on thirteen (13) unique, sub, joint councils or advisory boards. There are 5-6 people on each joint council or advisory board. Collectively, these advisory boards represent in excess of 400+ representative planets from three (3) star systems including Arcturus. Therefore, the majority, the greater percentage of the advisory board members come from different star systems & planets other than the planet where a chaired Andromeda Council member is from. There is a chairperson, or otherwise named, to each advisory board. They are as follows:

1. Higher Dimensional Realm Advisory Board

2. Star System Membership Review Board

3. Galactic Federation of Planets Review Board

4. Exobiology Galaxy Advisory Board

(Sirius- Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)

5. Xenobiology Galaxy Advisory Board

(Procyon-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)

6. Oceanography Galaxy Advisory Board

7. Space Travel Dimensional Flight Technology Review Board

8. Planetary Medical Advisory Board

9. Universe Education Observation & Advisory Board

10. Telepathy and Vocal Communication Observation & Advisory Board

11. Galaxy Sector Planetary Exploration Discovery & Assessment Team

12. Military Threat Level Assessment & Advisory Board

13. Spiritual & Emotional Mastery Dimensional Assessment & Dev'l Board

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