Sunday, October 30, 2011

Robalini's Week 8 NFL Picks

Here's my results for week 7
W-L-T record: 5-3
Season record: 27-19-2

Robalini's Commentary: Last week I said I had a 14-8 three week run: in fact, it was 13-7. Now I have an 18-10 four-week run, which feels pretty good. Little bummed I started 4-0 last week but went 1-3 in the later games. But a winning record is a winning record...

Lets hear it for Tony LaRussa & the St. Louis Cardinals for winning the World Series over GW Bush's Texas Rangers!!!

Anyway, here's my picks for Week 8:

Tennessee Titans (-8 1/2) Over Indianappolis Colts

The Titans have played surprisingly well this season, and should take the hapless Colts rather easily at home...

Houston Texans (-9 1/2) Over Jacksonville Jaguars

My love affair with the Texans continues with Houston dumping on the Jags at home...

Carolina Panthers (-3) Over Minnesota Vikings

I'll repeat: I'm sold on Cam Newton...

New York Giants (-9 1/2) Over Miami Dolphins

The Fins are confused, while the Giants look ready to get their act together at home...

Buffalo Bills (-6) Over Washington Redskins

With an excited Toronto crowd behind the Bills, they should knock out the Skins pretty easily...

Detroit Lions (-3) Over Denver Broncos

Last week I praised Tim Tebow, but he can only do so much. The Lions are looking for revenge after losing two in a row: they've found the perfect opponent in the Broncos...

Seattle Seahawks (+3) Over Cincinnati Bengals

The Seahawks have underplayed this year while the Bengals have overplayed. This should be corrected this week, especially with Seattle's incredible home field advantage...

San Diego Chargers (-3 1/2) Over Kansas City Chiefs

I said that San Diego has underplayed this season last week despite their record, but even a second-rate Charger team can beat the Chiefs...

All bets are placed at Station Casinos:

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Unknown said...

Holy... crap. Rob.

You're still on teh intarnets! Why didn't I google you years ago!

*adds you to RSS feed*


Kim Watson
(remember, boys and girls, WTAL 1450 AM, Tallahassee, FL?)

Robalini said...

Kim, of course I remember you, in fact I was thinking about you last week! Hey, my email address is still and if you write me I'll give you my new phone number in Las Vegas. Hope you and your family are doing well!

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