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Konformist Book Club: Steamshovel Press Special


219 pages of commentary on the nexus between parapolitics and popular culture by Steamshovel Press editor Kenn Thomas. Includes first hand accounts of Elvis Presley's funeral; the last of the great Beat writer conferences; and never before published commentary by JFK Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden on famed researcher Sherman Skolnick.

Now available only on CD, as PDF, and through US Mail. $15 post paid to Kenn Thomas, POB 210553, St. Louis, MO 63121.



Steamshovel Press # 23
All conspiracy. No theory.


Charles Fort: Dogma be Damned by Skylaire Alfvegren; Southern California, Cult Mecca, by Adam Gorightly; Parapolitics in Popular Culture: The Prisoner by Kenn Thomas; Notes on Conspiracy Theories, by Jim Keith; Correspondence with Jim Keith; Freeplay Excerpted by Len Bracken; Short Shrift: Beatnix and Comix by Kenn Thomas; Caries, Cabals & Correspondence with X. Sharks DeSpot; Robert Anton Wilson RIP; The O’Reilly Factor In The JFK Assassination by Bill Kelly; Dark Matters by James Romberger.
PDF: $7; PRINT OUT: $10; SUBSCRIPTIONS: $25. Be sure to include e-mail address with order. All checks payable to “Kenn Thomas” at POB 210553, St. Louis, MO 63121

New Steamshovel Press DVDs now available!

Kenn Thomas at Conspiracy Con,
San Jose, CA, May 2007

Moving beyond the confines of 9/11, Thomas reviews the current parapolitics around the globe, starting with the assassination-by-polonium-poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, through the Valerie Plame spy scandal, to the remaining mysteries of the Trade Towers' destruction. "Parapolitics is activity that happens alongside the normal politics people read in the papers and see on TV, not instead of it," explains Thomas. "It's not just a matter of saying that the media just lies and that the Bush baddies are responsible--although gawd knows that's true. We ignore the conspiracies that exist in the wider world, such as global jihad and the assassinations that culminated with Litvinenko, at our peril." This lecture will put these other global conspiracies in the context of what's happening in America. Also includes a tribute to the late author of Illuminatus!, Robert Anton Wilson, including rare footage. 1 hour DVD, $10

Arthur Koestler On Bisociation

Rare footage of famed author of Thirteenth Tribe, Sleepwalkers, Ghost in the Machine and Case of the Midwife Toad, discussing creativity. Koestler explains and demonstrate! s "bisociation", a term Robert Anton Wilson applied to the stud y parapolitics and conspiracy. 30 Minute DVD, $5

90 minute DVD, $10
Television appearances discussing the bug bombs of Korea, JFK Jr., Jimmy Hoffa, Marilyn Monroe; and the parapresidency. Includes footage of the late Jim Keith, author of Saucers of the Illuminati and Mind Control/World Control. ALSO: a rare interview with Christ Conspiracy author Acharya S and paranormalist writer Skylaire Alfvegren’s appearance on the unaired TV pilot, Conspiracy Zone discussing the moon hoax.

90 minute DVD, $10

Steamshovel editor’s television appearances and lecture footage, including a news report on the UFO he witnessed at Area 51; a roundtable discussion from the Fox network on the JFK assassination, the Y2K affair, global surveillance and conspiracy theory; lectures on the Maury Island UFO and UFO researcher deaths; and the Octopus.

Now available as PDF exclusively from Steamshovel!


Join Steamshovel Press editor Kenn Thomas as he tracks parapolitics—aka conspiracy theory—in the 21st Century. Thomas has traveled and lectured about conspiracies throughout America for the past decade, appearing in the major media as the sharpest critic of the consensus view of current affairs. From the Kennedy assassination to 9/11, Thomas examines the underlying parapolitics that animate the secret elites and the war ravaged planet they manipulate. Parapolitics collects Thomas' lecture remarks, interviews, correspondence and articles printed in the underground press from around the world. PDF only, $20 (via disk or supply e-mail address)

Steamshovel Press #23 print out, $10

Steamshovel Press #23 PDF, $7

Kenn Thomas at Conspiracy Con DVD, $10

Arthur Koestler on Bisociation DVD, $5

Parapolitics the Video DVD, $10

Kenn Thomas on Conspiracy DVD, $10

Parapolitics The Book PDF, $10

All of the above discount, $50

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POB 210553
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NOTE: Steamshovel Press back issues 4 through 23 are available for $10 each. Photocopies will be supplied when actual issues are no longer available.

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