Sunday, October 9, 2011


Opening: In Montreal, Cirque du Soleil's new tribute to Michael Jackson, The Immortal World Tour. The 47-city North American tour will make its U.S. debut October 15 in Detroit and will end in Chicago on July 20. It December, it will begin a Las Vegas run at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas:


Food Porn: China Edition

Obama Fried Chicken in Beijing...


Awesome Quotes

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
Mike Tyson


Classic Comic Book Art

Vampirella #2


Tech Rumor of the Week: Will Microsoft buy Yahoo?


Returning to TV: Arrested Development, in a limited 9 or 10 episode series beginning next year, with a follow-up feature film likely in 2013. The show will likely be released either through Showtime or Netflix (which would give Netflix some highly needed good PR.) The show has a cult following, and we at The Konformist have been a big fan, especially the excellent Emmy-winning writing by Mitchell Hurwitz & James Vallely...


Killer Ratings: Showtime's Dexter had 2.2 million viewers for its season six debut, up 24 percent from last year...


Most Banned Book of 2010: According to the American Library Association, it is And Tango Makes Three, by Peter Parnell & Justin Richardson. It is described by Amy Graff on thusly:

"It’s a book based on the true story of how, in 2000, two male Chinstrap Penguins, Roy and Silo, raised a chick of their own in New York’s Central Park Zoo.

The story goes that a zookeeper saw the pair trying to hatch a rock that resembled an egg, and so he gave the male penguins an abandoned egg to care for. Roy and Silo take turns sitting on the egg and in the end a healthy baby named Tango arrives in the world

I find the story charming, and the author simply lays out the facts and presents the idea that variations in animal behavior sometimes occur in nature. The word gay is never used, and there’s nothing preachy about it. But some parents and organization have declared the book inappropriate for children because the penguin parents are the same sex."


RIP: Fred Shuttlesworth

Cofounder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, age 89...

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