Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't kill Amtrak, improve it

At a time when we should be improving our public transportation, Republicans have proposed cutting Amtrak funding by 60%, and privatizing its most profitable routes.

The US government spent $40 billion on highways last year -- more than it has spent on Amtrak in its entire 40-year history. And yet, Republicans ignore those subsidies for cars and instead are hell-bent on destroying our national public transportation network.

The US is already far behind other industrialized nations when it comes to high-speed rail. Bullet trains have become common across the globe, but in America they remain a distant dream. And yet, Amtrak ridership is at record levels, and over 30 million passengers are expected to use it this year.

With the danger of global warming becoming more apparent each day, and with our highways and airports already clogged, we should be redoubling our commitment to rail public transportation, not abandoning it.

Send a message today, and tell Congress to improve Amtrak, not kill it.

Sign the petition
The petition reads:

"I strongly oppose the Republican proposal to cut Amtrak funding by 60%. America should be working to improve its public-transportation network -- not killing it."

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