Friday, August 29, 2008


12th August 2008 By Emily Garnham for

MEET the feisty brunette set to dazzle video game fans with her killer high-kick and acrobatic stunts.

This sultry 23-year-old receptionist from Croydon is the brand new face and body of Tomb Raider star Lara Croft.

Elite gymnast Alison Carroll fought off hundreds of muscular hopefuls to take on the role of sexiest leading lady in the virtual world.

And here she is armed to the teeth as the world’s most famous action heroine and archaeologist.

The stunner – who has had 12 years’ experience as a display gymnast - can’t wait to dazzle her fans with her perfect body and awesome moves.

“This is my dream job - I have always wanted to be an action hero and hope to be able to use my gymnastic ability to perform all of Lara’s stunts,” she said.

The weapon-wielding heroine will be following in the footsteps of blonde bombshell Nell McAndrew and Hollywood heartthrob Angelina Jolie.

And she’s already gearing up for a host of global appearances on TV commercials, chat shows and international modelling assignments.

To make sure Alison’s up for the challenge as her hardcore alter-ego she’s already started a gruelling training regime, working up a sweat in the gym six times a week.

And with SAS survival, combat and semi-automatic weapon firing skills to master in Eastern Europe and crash courses in world archaeology, it looks like this Lara Croft will have her work cut out.

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