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Vampire hound caught on film?

Vampire hound caught on film?
Published: 13 Aug 2008

TWO US sheriffs have captured footage which appears to show the mythical Chupacabra – a ‘Vampire Dog’ that feasts on the blood of goats.

The cops chased and filmed the beast after catching a glimpse of its strange elongated nose and fangs – unlike any coyote or dog they had seen before.

Patrollers Ellie Carter and Sheriff Brandon Riedel filmed the animal – which has Bigfoot-style status in America – in Cuero, near Nordheim, Texas, last week.

Miss Carter yesterday said: “We were checking fences in Cuero when this, this - thing - just jumps out at us.

“I shouted: ‘It’s a Chupacabra’. I recognised it instantly from a programme about them in a History Channel episode of MonsterQuest.

“It had big teeth, a big head, short legs in front and long legs in back.

“I was raised on a ranch and I’ve never seen anything like that.”


Sheriff Riedel added: “It sure didn’t look like any dog I’d ever seen.”

The Sun reported on a possible sighting of Chupacabra in Cuero, Texas last year.

Scientists carried out tests on a terrifying creature that died near a farm – after sucking the blood of hundreds of chickens and goats.

Farm owner Phylis Canion said at the time: “My land is littered with the corpses of bloodless animals, untouched except for two fang marks.

“Dozens of chickens were sucked dry - it’s eerie.

“I’ve seen a lot of nasty stuff in my life - but nothing like this.”

Although the tests were inconclusive, many scientists believe that the Texas ‘Chupacabras’ are hybrids of coyotes which have bred with Mexican gray wolves.

Mrs Canion – who has now collated records of hundreds of sightings of the beasts – yesterday said: “There’s something very strange going on with these animals and we better find out what it is very quickly.”

Chupacabras are mythical hairless beasts that originate from the Spanish legend of El Chupacabras – a ‘devil’ dog that sucks goat blood.

They also featured in TV Sci-fi drama the X-Files.

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