Friday, August 29, 2008

Swift-Boat Group Sinks Nearly $3 Million Into Ad

Swift-Boat Group Sinks Nearly $3 Million Into Ad Tying Obama To Ayers
By Greg Sargent - August 25, 2008

The other day, the independent Swift-Boating outfit American Issues Project vowed to plunk down a cool $2.8 million on a slimy and vicious ad tying Obama to former Weatherman Bill Ayers.

Such vows often can be mere bluster designed to get free media and gin up contributions. Not this time, however.

The FEC report from the group is in, and it confirms that the group did in fact plunk down the nearly $3 million to air the ad.

That's a sizable buy. Meanwhile, Evan Tracey, who tracks national ad campaigns for the Campaign Media Analysis Group, confirms to me that the spot is running in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

This ad, in short, matters. The Obama campaign apparently realizes this too: They have a response ad up in Ohio that hasn't been released yet.

In other words, the spot tying Obama to Ayers is the real deal -- the first wave of the Swift-Boating that has yet to materialize in earnest.

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