Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Jacko Conspiracy

From the Daily Mail:
La Toya Jackson vented her frustration with the trial into her brother's death yesterday with a stream of extraordinary tweets from the courthouse in which she claimed that Michael Jackson had been murdered.

'This is all a BIG CONSPIRACY and the doctor knows what happened,' the 55-year-old singer wrote on her Twitter account during a break in proceedings.

Miss Jackson, who arrived in court carrying a sunflower, which was Michael's favourite flower, sent a torrent of tweets berating the evidence that was being presented in court.

Miss Jackson started sending the messages as soon as she was about to enter the courthouse in Los Angeles, with a message insinuating that there were others involved in the death of her brother.

'Good morning! On way to court,' she tweeted. 'Wish all parties involved were on trial. And not just Murray.'

She then wrote: 'This is DEFINITELY A STRAIGHT MURDER TRIAL!!!!'

The singer claimed that there are other witnesses who have yet to come forward to police.

'There are wives, girlfriends and employees who know exactly what happened to Michael, please come forward and tell what really happened,' she wrote.

Miss Jackson repeated her calls for 'justice'.

'Michael worked his entire life for his children. Please help us get justice. Dr. Murray is a very small piece of the puzzle,' she wrote. 'I feel like screaming! Murray knows exactly what happened at Carolwood and who else is behind all of this.'

'We are back in the court room. Justice!!! Justice!!!! Justice!!!' she continued.

The singer seemed to suggest that her brother may have been killed for money.

'Whenever someone is murdered, U follow the money trail & U C who has the most to gain, those are normally the ones responsible,' she wrote.

'The family has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 2 do with his estate!' she added...

'This is a BIG CONSPIRACY': La Toya Jackson claims brother was murdered in extraordinary tweets from courtroom
John Stevens
28th September 2011

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